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Raw Surfing Safari part 2!

Enjoy my Raw Surfing Safari Part two as I share my passion for the Raw food Diet and Holistic Health Creation as a Live In coach with a Epic Crew of Surfers and Filmers / Editors for Burton Snowboards in Carlsbad California!

Here we have the 2nd half of my 8 day consult with old friends Jeremy P. Mike B. n many new friends at their summer editing pad in San Clemente. Expert filmers and editors they were busy editing for the new Forum Snowboards video! I feel blessed to have been asked to stay with them with the plan to introduce the raw diet to their home n co workers for a trial cleanse n summer health booster 🙂

I must say they enjoyed it much and have since increased their consumption of the whole fresh raw ripe goodness!!

Recipe after recipe was served, much from my “101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes” ebook available for instant download by donation, with the rest being showcased in my upcoming ebook “TRA Retreat Treats” with launch date to be announced 🙂

While surfing I slipped and fell, my board got swept over the falls hitting me in the arm really hard. I shook it off without too much thought only to find out a few hours later that I had sliced open my arm cutting right through the wet suit. The cut was wide and deep through my fat layer needing stitches. Wisely or foolishly figuring this may just be a great opportunity to learn how to self stitch for emergency purposes (and too lazy to go through insurance and go to a hospital) I decided to stitch it up myself! Welcome to Stitches 101 with Chris Kendall from the raw advantage!

While at the beach I felt blessed to session Bob’s half pipe at his dwelling in Carlsbad. He lives with the owners of “Surf Ride” a sweet skate n surf shop in southern cali. Thanks much to them for letting me sk8 their ramp, it was really fun! Skating mini ramp is one of may favorites, this particular ramp was a treat. Thanks Dustin for skating it with me hope to session with you again 🙂

On my 2nd last day there we filmed a lill bit of surfing at a break called trussels just down the street. I managed to ride 2 waves that day and got footage of the tail end of one of my rides, thanks much for the filming Courtney 🙂 More surfing in the future, I have the rest of my life to get epic n hang ten brahhh ahhaha. Really cant wait, i plan to surf much much more in the tropics.

For our last day I treated everyone to some Durian, one of my faves, some liked it others not so much! I wanted to make our last dinner fancy so I made two of my favorite new recipes from my upcoming transitional recipe ebook. Raw Coconut Curry over “Rice” and Raw Tom Yum Soup ( a favorite of many I’ve tested it on :). The plan is to have the whole book together before snow falls in Canada, times have been tight and its only growing in size and quality!!

I promise it will be worth the wait, especially as it will be up for donation!!!

Hope you enjoyed the Surfing Safari!!! Next week will be back to the Berrics! 🙂


Peacelovenseasonalfruit ck

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. austin says “dad, me wike chris” after the show. good job bro. looking at that meal at the end made my mouth water. deadly combo. banana pudding going to be ones of my favorites soon too i know it. i find spinach and apples go together real good. nice stitch job. im gona call you stitch now. gota quit using that NAME or something might presume you’re claiming that property by identifying with it which would be bad because you’d be creating a controversy by claiming ownership of something which is not yours. the state holds the certificate of berth. it dosen’t even own it but is the holder and liable for all charges to the NAME. cool huh google usufruct. The earth is in usufruct for the living. they can settle all claims against he name as long as you don’t come in there and create a controversy and claim the name. by what authority are you using that name as personal identification? The NAME is a transmitting utility for you to use. you are indemnified of all debt as well as you don’t ever claim ownership of anything. God gave everything to use. Anyone who’s claiming ownership is FUCT.
    Later Stitch.

    1. Love you guys too, thanks for the ups bradah!!!
      Banana pudding is the bomb ba bomb!!! dang!!! for real eat that stuff up!! ahah Truth spoken my freind, thanks for the comment hope to see ya soon 🙂
      peacelovenseasonalfruit Stitch.

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