Steve to Napal n Airport fun!

So much footage made me break one video into two!!

here we have my last eve with Steve talking of his trip for the WWF save the tigers campaign to Napal, then myself in the Denver airport giving some travel tips amongst other goodies 🙂

Hope you enjoyed that, coming next is my time with my family in Saskatoon Sask!!

love it!

enjoy much

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. hey chris…
    I think you should ditch that ragged old nasty shirt and market yourself and your merchandise. i would not want to buy a shirt that looks like that, but if you wore fresh ones, and different ones from the selection you have, and point them out, i bet you might sell a few more. especially now that your big time.
    food for thought

    1. hahha perfecccto!! I actually did get 5 new ones made n left the old one at home to be put behind glass, ya know for going big-time 🙂 ahaha thanks bradah! watch the next blog for the new shirts 🙂

  2. haha, no i’m not crazy..it’s a video camera. that’s what got me. =)

    p.s. chris, my e-mail’s down, but i’d thought that i should tell you…we’re not going to make it to cali. it turned out to be more expensive than we originally thought, and i am currently saving up for a road bike. so if we go to california, it means no road bike for a long, long time. =( i chose to go with the bike, because then i could use it towards my fitness goals for a little while, and it not be just a one time thing (like the trip would’ve been) =(.

    1. 🙂 happy u enjoy ahah.
      I think u made a good choice, Im sure we will get a chance to enjoy some sun n fruity fun in the future!!
      enjoy your time bikin n much
      peacelovenseasoanlfruit ck

  3. I have always been a big fan of eating tons of fruit, but man do you ever take it to the next level. Do you know of any good spots to find those Jack fruits and those other crazy fruits you were chowing at the berrics here in Vancouver?

    1. ahhaha gotta love the fruit, only food that loves us as much as we love it. There is no food on the planet that comes as close to matching our exact nutritional needs than fruit!! Coupled with tender leafy greens its the most enjoyable easy to digest most nutritious diet possible.
      I love vancouver, my main stops there are commercial dr, Granville island, and china town. You can get all the exotics in china town in their respective season. They don’t come cheep mind you, T&T has some good deals at times, vacuum packed durian there is great too 🙂
      peacelovenseasonalfruit ck

  4. I bought a box of mangos and on it said ” hot water treated” . Is this bad? Also did you read the CNN dirty dozen article. It listed the fruits with the most pesticides. Some fruits skin absorb the chemicals more than others and washing does not remove them.I would go organic if I was rich. Can you comment on this and how to eat safe non organic.

    1. Good Day Marco!
      I replied directly to you on this but also have written a good bit about this on this previous blog post, in the space under the video 🙂
      In short hot water treatment leaves a less vital mango, but still of quality at times. I let my senses be my guide, n from that ive had some amazing fresh and HW treated. I also have sprouted mango’s that were HW and am growing a tree that looks just fine. Organic is best, but mango’s are actually high up on the list n considered a less sprayed crop by the literature ive found. Do the best you can n leave stress to those who don’t know better. I let quality be my first guide then follow with organic n price.
      hope this helps 🙂
      peacelovenseaonalfruit ck

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