Quick Raw Vegan Live In Consult

Oh my was it hard to choose the Title, was either Quick Raw Live in Consult, or Fear and Loathing in Florida, hmmmmmm.

Did I make the right choice? Fear and loathing in Florida is really sweet too! hmm ahah

Anyhow with both those title choices I think you got the gist of what to expect!!!

I do hope you enjoy it!!

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Well well well,

After sending off my family back to Saskatoon, well not really, I got picked up by Chris Donmoyer a fellow skater looking for some guidance and inspiration on a healthier fitter raw vegan lifestyle. We dubbed our time Fear and Loathing in Orlando/ Florida, hmmm that title again! Right from the get go we were flowing smooth, we had met months previous at a skateboard expo trade show and knew it would be a sweet time!

1st stop, the SPoT, or the Skate park of Tampa. The SPoT is the oldest and most successful indoor skatepark to my knowledge, over 17 years old, world renown as the seat of one of the biggest am and pro contests in the world, truly a skate park owned and operated by skateboarders! Love it, blessings Brian Schaefer you have a great SPoT!!! The last time I was at the Skate Part of Tampa was in 2000 I do believe, I was a skater in the amateur contest, surely one of the biggest am contests in the world. I actually did not too bad ending up around 50th place out of 130 top amateur skateboarders. I was up against well know pros Ryan Sheckler, then a wee boy, Elisa Steamer, Aaron Suski, Ryan Smith, Galia Momolu among many other amazing skaters that year.

We had a amazing time, skating all sections of the park as well as getting just a tid bit of skateboard footage for you to watch! Hope you enjoy!

In the parking lot Chris opened up his magical box of banana’s oranges and Pineapple Oranges!! Thats right, Pineapple Oranges!!! So good and actually taste just just like the name suggests. Florida produce is soo soo soo good! Thanks Chris For the Bounty.

A quick pit stop at the local health store for some organic fruits and veggies and we were set for the weekend!!!

1st big meal, Simple raw Chili (one of my faves) with Guacamole in Romaine leaf wraps with Alfalfa sprouts. So ridiculously good I cant stand it!!! For sure for sure will be in my new “Cravings Busters Transitional Raw Recipes” coming out soon! We both enjoyed much and got a good nights sleep.

The next morning I finished a blog post entitles “DC  Commercials behind the Scenes” a amazing look into the making of a big time skate companies commercials, check it for some great skate footage and bloopers, one of my best!!! In the day we enjoyed a afternoon on one of Florida’s amazing beaches, caught some sun while enjoying some Yoga and some instruction on a few ways to integrate more Calisthenics into Chris’s flow. Banana’s and a bike ride followed with much sweetness!

For our last dinner I made a sweet fruit soup, I love fruit soup and Chris Did too, followed by one of my all time favorites Cashew Pad Thai!!! Way way way too good, we really enjoyed the meal and time!

A short nap brought 5 am too quick leading to my departure to Costa Rica. Being 4 hours away from Orlando where my Flight left it was a bit of a journey there. Thanks so much Chris for everything, was a really sweet time look forward to more!

Since our time Chris ha been flowing more n more raw all the while feeling better and better!!

To more adventures!!


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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