Live in with Steve Berra week 3

Diving into week 3 of my Live in with Steve Berra as his raw food health coach and chef!!

Look out it is a mad mix of many meals, skating, farmers n wholesale markets, his Steve Berra’s bday n much more!!

Hope you enjoy it!

Too much to write about, well let’s see.

We got some mad transitional recipes in this issue, sorry I didn’t include the ingredient list nor make a video making them, simply too much content with little time as well as the fact I wish to save some of them for my ebook

TRA Retreat Treats”.

Many amazing recipes that I have tested as well as a bunch from other raw food chefs, enthusiasts, and downright kitchen genies. Time has been tight and it may be a while before I am finished, but the positive is I am really fine-tuning some of the best of them so when it does drop it is sure to please!

Steve went on a business trip so Tim, Mark Webber, and I went to Malibu to a secluded beach. While there we enjoyed the sun surf some cardio activity as well as some fresh ripe raw whole fruits we brought. As a surprise afterward Mark led Tim and I to Planet Raw. It is Santa Monica and is the oldest, a most well-known raw vegan restaurant in California. It really is amazing, the chef n creator Juliano makes quite exquisite gourmet raw cuisine.

As most of you know I prefer and recommend eating a low-fat raw diet consisting of whole fresh ripe raw organic fruits and veggies for the mainstay. Most raw restaurants are quite high in fat and include a great many ingredients and “combos” I personally wouldn’t eat on a consistent basis. Regardless they can be great for transition, squashing cravings, or for the odd holiday/social meal. I enjoyed some “cheesy kelp noodles” that actually really tasted like Alfredo pasta I am sure you could trick anyone in any restaurant n they would think it was cooked.

Steve treated himself to a new car a Ford Focus, an amazing gas hybrid n many sweet gadgets n gizmos! haha Love it!

The 10th was Steve’s bday, we enjoyed young coconuts for breaky followed by a Crenshaw/orange/mango smoothie. For lunch, I made raw “banana splits” featuring banana coconut ice cream, strawberry banana ice cream, and chocolate banana ice cream with both individual sauces and sprinkles for each type. It was a big hit.

Before dinner, we went for a nice bday skate. I actually hurt my foot just a few days before and sk8ed little, instead, Tim showed all of us up on a balance board. He stood one foot on it for 10 minutes and 33 seconds! Used for athletic rehabilitation balance boards work your ankles arches knees hips and core muscles. There are a few types and designs, I recommend the circular ones with a full range of motion to help with ankle problems. that is once sufficient rest from injury has been given 🙂

For dinner, Steve brought us to his friend and accomplished actor (see space balls and many others 🙂 Bill Pullman’s house for a raw dinner. Bill has his own orchard n provided an amazing dinner with salads exotic fruits like “Ice cream bean” (that taste much like cottony ice cream), mulberries, and homemade Asian pear cashew ice creams as well as fresh persimmon ice cream. It was great, everyone enjoyed n who can complain about an ice creamy bday raw style mmm!

I had such a fun time as a Live in with Steve Berra,  Much more to come!!

enjoy much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

As Always

Wishing You Much

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