Every once in a while I am approached to share something from another Blog, from recipes, to information, to guest writing full articles, all manner of things. Occasionally it fits the vision of what I wish to present on TheRawAdvantage.com, so I share it, in other times I choose to Pass.

Recently Hanna Edwards from LearnStuff.com asked if I would share some info regarding Milk Consumption / the effects of Drinking Milk put together by a group of researchers and Designers. I must say they really put together such a awesome Infographic (I like this word, first time I saw it..) that I cant help but share it.  

I really Hope you enjoy this Infographic, share this post far n wide 🙂

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Thanks so much to Hanna Edwards at LearnStuff.com for sharing this awesome Informational Infographic 🙂

Got Milk Campaigns to me are so Ludicrous, it almost makes me fall over. When you think about it, really who wants a Animal boob Milk Mustash?

Ewwww Not I, Thats For sure!!

 Get off the Tit Dr Graham Says, ahah, Are we all a bunch of Babies… It would seem the Dairy industry thinks so! 

Got Milk?… You Don’t Need it! 

In Fact you would be Way better off without it, this is in part Why I came up with my “Got Fruit?” Logo and Shirt.

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Consider, No other species on the planet drinks milk past infancy and none from other species (unless as a accidental serigate). 

How about Osteoporosis? It turns out the science shows us you don’t need milk nor large amounts of calcium for bone strength. In fact studies show that the rate of fractures and osteoporosis are the highest in milk-drinking countries!

It turns out that the keys to bone strength are lifelong exercise and vitamin D, which you can get from sunshine. 

Being a RHN and avid researcher myself I have come to many of the same findings regarding milk consumption that Hanna Has. I am passionate about not only plant based nutrition but about Animal rights and the Lack of Common Sense in consuming Dairy products. 

When you really look at all angles of the Dairy Industry, From the Production, Environmental impacts, Ethics and Health Implications from Dairy Consumption one can clearly see the true reason its so heavily Promoted in the mainstream is for Profit. 

 “The US federal government not only supports the milk industry by spending more money on dairy than any other item in the school lunch program, but by contributing free propaganda as well as subsidies amounting to well over $4 billion in the last 10 years.from opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com

The the above you may think, Profit..? They are spending so much on Milk.. But when you look deeper to all of the industries and interest groups Milk Consumption supports (medical, pharmesutical etc) and the Money to be made being one of the Large Producers (subsidies choke out smaller business) it all becomes much more clear. 

As I like to say, they found the Proverbial “Cash Cow”

Got Banana Milk Anyone? 😉

P.S for more info, papers and Scientific Studies on the realities around Milk consumption check NotMilk.com 

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