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Live in with Steve Berra Week 4!!

Time is a flying! Thanks for patience with these posts, been a busy bee the last while and just finished this sweet blog!

So much goodness in this one, many a peek into my upcoming transitional ebook, much skate action and the almighty Durian!!!!

Well well well where to start!!

I finally foraged some neighbourhood trees out here in the hills, filled with Loquat they are! Even in Steve/s backyard there was one lonely Loquat tree ripe for the picking! They are a delicious large seeded sweet fruit, tastes similar to canned peaches when nice and ripe and closer to a crabapple when just under ripe. I noticed many of the tree’s don’t even get picked from, many rotting around the base and took it upon myself to liberate them 🙂 ahha A nice bag a few times a week n whalla foraged breakfasts! mm some of my favorite! Whenever i am in a area and eating from tree’s found locally I take it upon myself to re plant some of the seeds 🙂 Take note of the soil and areas you find the trees and replant their seeds in similar locations. Together we can help make a more fruitful future for us and the wee ones! Show kids how to plant seeds along river banks, any rich soil, parks, your back yard,  anywhere a nice fruit tree/bush could grow!!! viva la fruit plating revolution!

This video blog is jammed with some of my newest transitional recipes for my upcoming ebook (now Released)

“TRA Retreat Treats”

Some key recipes featured in the video    (sorry no recipe demo’s with the time restraints of my consults fun = more anticipation:)

“Sun dried Tomato Pizza”    “Mexican Pizza”      “Coco butter Veggies”     “Tom Yum Soup”       “Pad Thai”

“Coconut Curry Stir Un-fry”         “Coconut Apple Pie”              “Sweet Curry Stew”           and much more!!!

Since my foots been healing up nicely I have been out skating more with Steve and other amazing skaters. One session had Steve Berra and Heath Kirchart playing a friendly game of skate. All has been flowing great both Steve and I getting on top of our game, we too have been playing skate, its been great! Jim Greco has been on the raw program, helping heal some digestive disorders and regain extra health! A sick back 360 ollie down the 7 stairs and a bit of talk about how he is feeling on the raw diet reveals much 🙂 The benefits and ease of low at raw is spreading out here, results just cant be ignored nor stopped! 🙂

I love Durian, the almighty “King of fruits!” said to “Smell like hell but taste like heaven” ( I like the smell, honest ) It truly can be a aquired taste. On our last day together before i partake in a quick trip home and Steve a trip to Napal, 1 full month, we celebrated with coconut apple pie and durian for lunch. Most of the people in the office hadn’t tried Durian before so it was a real treat to spread my love of this exotic and unique fruit to them all. Reactions ranged from “its not bad”, to “i love it”, to “eww I am going to puke” ahhah. All in all 3 people out of 9 didnt like it a few enjoyed it and 3 of us loved it 🙂 Steve was repulsed!

I promise to do a entire post on durian with more facts and fun info, here is simply a intro to one of my faves. One of the few sweet fatty fruits durian can be a meal of its own, just like any fruit 🙂

With that our first month was completed, Steve went to Napal with Leonardo Dicaprio to help with the WWF save the Tigers, and I went home to my family in Saskatoon to help share some fam love 🙂

All for another video blog 🙂 till then

peacelovenseasaonlfruit ck

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Look at you spreadin’ the durian love around the planet! Your joy and vitality is contagious. 🙂 I get a real kick out of sharing fruity love, myself.


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