Have You Been Storing Your Bananas Wrong?!

Let me tell you, they don’t call me the Banana Commander for Nothing!

I’ve been around the banana block and have to ask…

Have You Been Storing Your Bananas Wrong?!

Watch this video to find out how to store your bananas for uniform ripening, no mushy spots, and a longer shelf life! That’s right! Better, longer-lasting fruit—just watch! 

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bananas wrong?

Now, let’s talk bananas, that’s what you came here for!

The Big Question… have you been storing your bananas all wrong?

While this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, as there is no wrong way of storing your bananas, chances are, like most people, you’ve been doing it all wrong, hahaha!

I like to give options and reasons for those options, so continue on for one of the best ways of storing bananas.

When you store your bananas as most do, laying down, they can get all bruised and mushy on the bottom, and that’s just not cool. I like my fruit uniformly ripened, you know? So, forget about laying them down or storing them on the stairs, which is ok too; here’s the kindest way of storing your bananas for the bananas.

Hang your Bananas, yep that’s right!

To create my banana sanctuary, I drilled a hole in the rafter of my basement roof because it’s nice and cool down there, which slows ripening. I tied a shoestring through it to hold up this beam for the coat hangers. That way, I can hang my bananas with three or four bananas per hanger. This way, I can easily keep track of my meals and ensure they ripen evenly.

It’s all about following Mother Nature’s cue—bananas hang off trees, after all!

So, let’s spread the word and get everyone ripening their bananas more uniformly, keeping them bruise-free and lasting longer. Don’t forget to like, share, and spread the banana love!

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PS If you want to learn how to store your Pineapples the “right way,” check out that video!

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