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Raw On The Road Blender Tricks and Best of Raw Awards!

While in Mexico with Naturally Ashley I had to improvise with the Hotels Weak Blender… As you probably know, I am a HUGE fan of the Vitamix.  There’s simply NO comparison.  How many of you have tried to use a “Non-Vitamix” blender only to have it whirrr around and chop of just a tiny amount of stuff that is sitting directly on top of the blade and everything else is stuck up at the top of the blender??  It’s aggravating isn’t it?!?!

Well, peep this video – I show a Tip for being raw on the road in such a situation and offer a alternative for use at home.  Plus, I want to share the awesome meal that Ashley and I put together….mmmmm so tasty!!  It’s a special treat from my TRA Retreat Treats Book (which is available in ebook or paperback formats!)

So that’s a tip to use if you simply don’t have a Vitamix available to use, but really, the very best solution is to have a


Don’t have a vitamix of your very own?  Well, don’t you think that would make a wonderful Christmas gift for yourself?  You can get yours HERE 🙂

Well, It’s time again for the Best of Raw Awards.  I’ve been nominated in SEVERAL categories and it would be super sweet if you’d take a minute and vote!  Plus, share this with eveyone you know and get them to vote too!!

Voting is Open until Jan 8th 🙂
Simply go to https://bestofrawfoods.com and click “enter the Voting Portal”

In People:
Funniest Raw Man
Male Athlete
Raw Friendly Musical Act
Sexiest Raw Male

In Places
Full Raw Vegan Event – “TRA Raw Food and Yoga Mexican Adventure Retreat”
Raw Chef Training Program – “Raw Food Culinary Skills and Social Emotional Transformation”
In Media
Book Release – “The Raw Advantage” For.. “TRA Retreat Treats”
Raw Food App – “The Raw Advantage”
Raw Food Song – “The Raw Advantage”


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