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Justin Bieber in the House!

Well really I must say I started this video with doubts but now that it’s all finished its one of my favorites!

Do hope you enjoy!!!

Wow this is a wild one!

No I didn’t put Justing Bieber in my title, did I?  Oh my!

haha He is in here skating at the street league warm ups! Sure to bring more hits! weee!

We start today off with the first day of trials for the new Skateboard contest series called Street League. Rob Dyrdek is the mastermind behind the masterpiece with espn covering the whole series. With 4 contest in major cities across the states in the summer its taking off! The trial was in a airplane hanger in Los Angeles, to get the bugs out. A mock street plaza skate park was made up, judging and scoring of a higher caliber that other contests like x games was committed with knowledgeable skater on the bench. The course was really cool, i got to skate it a bit too!

Next we goto Stoner park skateboard plaza Grand opening and ribbon cutting! It is located on Stoner ave. in Santa Monica. Easily one of the best skateboard parks I have been to and I have been to allot! Whoo hoo I got a bit of skate footage for your enjoyment, ok mine too 🙂

Back to Street league for day two, the big names came and put on a show. Eric Koston, P Rod, Lutzka, Mark Appleyard, Terry Kennedy, and many more came saw and destroyed showing the contest would be a success. This is when Justin Bieber frontside 180 ollies over TK and Lutzka. Even though they catered the event (all salads had oily salty dressings already on them) I packed Steve some good eats. He is a nectarine man just like myself n pounded back a bunch like a champ.

Who doesn’t like to forage fruit?

With Fellow Banana hunter Courtney at the wheel we foraged many different fruits including some banana’s, Liliko’i, walnuts and much more! Some simple tips are withheld in the vid 🙂 To sweet not to share this road n feasts.

A sweet Mono Strawberry soup recipe was donated by my bradah Braman, both his Boys Austin and Owen loved it!  Thanks Blocks much love n see you soon! Peep the vid for the particulars 🙂

Sweet raw foodie friend and consult Helena and I went for a nice walk and work out in the sun at Hollenback park. They have some sweet outdoor body weight exercise machines and obstacles that we gratefully hit up breaking a good pre picnic sweat. Always great to get some exercise before a big meal, create the demand for more fuel actually increasing your bodies need and ability to uptake transport and deliver all the sugars and nutrient to your cells. Fosters better digestion, absorption and assimilation. Even a few minutes makes a difference and is a great life long habit! Especially before large sweet meals!

Helena is great, as payment for some consulting help I provided she gifted Me and my consult with a Excalibur Dehydrator! Thanks soo much!!!

Its really helped Steve Berra out with the transition to a 100% raw diet. Adding variety and fun to the change. Many banana chips, mangos pieces, banana pancakes, and raw “oatmeal cookies” have been made!

Drum roll please, front row to the the world premier of “Scott Pilgrim Versus the World!” on the red carpet. I take you inside the Grauman’s Mann Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Star of the Movie Mark Webber got us all tickets, it was really a trip to be there on the big day, thanks Mark! Inside the theater was really cool, a DJ was blaring music, everyone fancy with drinks and such. When the movie played everyone went nuts! It was a Experience and a half, afterwards we had a great time at the after party. Got a good comment from Mark, as well as ate my fare share of Dragon fruit and Heirloom Tomatoes. They really know how to cater a event!!

From there a nice exchange with Tim and some clips at the Berrics wrap up the video, come on if you read this all you should just watch the vid ahaha its much better 🙂

I like to write but I love to simply be n do what I do 🙂 Hope it brings a few smiles laughs knowledge and some inspiration to treat yourself with the love that you do deserve.

Fruit is truly Gods love made physical for us.


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Yo Chris happy belated BDAY

    and top of the day to you kind Sir

    your blogs are awesome

    your joy for fruits and veggies and your constant glow have set a spark.

    My vegan 2 year anniversary just swept by and I had a month trial with the raw foodizzzum out of that 2 years.

    Now me and my girlfriend Sherry have got 2 months raw completely to the max we are spreading and sharing our experiences with friends and strangers in a positive open approach

    a great book that helped me concur the last little step was natrues first law the raw food diet

    I found it in a second hand book store sat down to read a couple pages and got blowin into another galaxy 5 days later I was hooked and made some life changing changes Ive got 1 year all ready no booze and when i started this raw foodizzzum I decided to give up smoking the old mary jane.

    This is only the 2nd book I have ever read in my whole entire life so I went online ordered up as many copies as I could and me and my girlfriend are giving them away to people who be interested

    I invested in a vita mix blender and a green star gs 1000 twin geared juicer as well as a food dehydrator i got mad dicing and slicing devices and have the glow now to open up a raw fooddie restaurant in the next year or so

    Ive got mad peeps hooking me up with bulk produce at great deals

    Sourced out a local connection on some spring water

    donated 8 days to work on an organic farm up in Cawston BC

    dude is 74 and certified organic since 1970

    lots of great times and great info was gathered

    met others up in the similkameen valley who got there organics down packed

    keep up the glow your videos really show the spark most people are searching for in life.

    i would say I’m jealous about all the berrics, street league or hanging with pros or all the wild fresh fruit you show on the posts

    But that would silly to be jealous you earned it Brotha and soon I will have earned greatness like that

    Enjoy the day


    Dan & Sherry + the 3 dogs who are also raw

    accept they get raw buffalo for the boxer plus all raw veggies
    then the 2 chihuahuas get raw turkey organs and raw veggies

    there balance in life has increased they were always extremely people friendly dogs but there activity has increased to an all time high

    we use to give them steamed veggies and raw meat plus
    porridge and yogurt for breakfast

    they were putting on weight and getting lazy there poops were not right blah hahahahahha

    once we made the change it was only evident to help them live happier & stronger lives.


    Peace from the west coastt

    1. 🙂 Blessings Daniel!!!
      So stoked for you n your Gf!!! sounds like your well on your path of raw health n abundance!! Tis funny I actually read natures first law as my first “raw” book too! It is a great one, although has some controversy around it. Have you read “the 80/10/10 diet” ? I highly highly recommend it, amazing book by Dr Douglas Graham.
      So stoked you find inspiration in my blogs!!!! Hope to one day meet you both n enjoy some B.C fun sun n fresh food! 🙂
      peacelovenseasonalfruit ck

  2. I’m a go out and get a copy of Dr Douglas Graham book..

    I love Natures first law on the account that it states all new born into this world are Organic. They can become non organic very quickly if adapted to the unnatural ways of today.

    I also really dig how hospitals and jails serve thee worst foods that keep people depressed and unhealthy as well as recommitting crimes or hospital beds full

    Me and Sherry are so stoked for your new and upcoming E-book


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