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Dr Rick Dina on Fasting & Bloodtests at The Raw Living Expo!

I was able to catch an amazing interview with Dr Rick Dina of https://RawFoodEducation.com.  He shares his clinical and personal experience as a 27 year raw foodist and raw educator working around the subject of water fasting and blood work.

Rick started as a raw vegan almost 30 years ago in the spring of 1987.  In college he did a 14 day water fast (his friends thought he was on a hunger strike – lol.  After college he spent four years working in a water fasting clinic.  He was amazed to watch the changes that occurred in people throughout the fast.

Following that he starting reading books by John McDougal and Harvey Diamond’s Fit For Life and his curiosity was sparked!

rick dina

Rick and his wife, Karin, now run https://rawfoodeducation.com/, offering classes on the science of raw food nutrition.  They also offer lab testing and consulting services.  Rick believes that it is important to have blood work done regularly, however, it is also important to have the result analyzed by someone familiar with a raw vegan diet.  Normal results for a raw foodist may not match “normal” values that are set for those eating other diets.

Check out the video and Doctors’ Rick and Karin’s website – https://rawfoodeducation.com/!


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