Raw Food Talk with Lissa @RawFoodRomance

Blessed to share this Raw Food Talk with the ever-amazing Lissa @rawfoodromance who I also cannot thank enough to help bring the RAW bundle to life every year!


Enjoy this super fun and casual Raw Food Talk with Lissa going into how to best use the bundle, what we loved most about it, and sharing a little fun silliness too.

Let’s make #napadoodles a thing everyone! Napa cabbage and Beréber spice for the win!

Thank you Lissa for being YOU – I also so appreciate and love you to no end!

Thousand thanks to all the contributors to the bundle too!

BTW If you haven’t checked out Lissas Brand New Hand Salads aka Raw Wraps Book then you are in for a real treat! Raw wraps are quite a challenge and Lissa has rawvolutionized the game with her book featuring 33 amazing raw wraps, fillings, sauces, toppings, and more. It’s seriously a game changer, I hope you LOVE it!

Best yet all of her books are 40% off right now, Check them all out here!

Raw Food Talk

Be sure to Check out Lissa for all of her amazing inspiration and her website for all of her mouth-watering raw recipe books

Get to know her on Instagram @rawfoodromance

On Youtube @rawfoodromance

I am sorry to say that the Ultimate Raw Vegan Bundle promo period is over for this year, 


stay tuned and be sure to sign up to my mailing list here to be notified first when the all-new bundle comes back!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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