Happy World Vegan Day/Month: Why I Love Being Vegan #2 :)

Happy World Vegan Day!  Happy World Vegan Month!!

“Our task must be to free ourselves . . . by widening our circle of
compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and
its beauty.” – Albert Einstein , physicist, Nobel Prize 1921

This is my second “Why I love being a vegan” post, my first was last year.  Feel free to check that out HERE!

There are limitless reasons to go vegan!  There’s actually no proof that we need animal products to survive and thrive, in fact there’s TONS of information to the contrary!  I really really want to reach everyone and share this message!  If you believe you need animal products to survive – PLEASE do more research!  Check out all of the people that are out there achieving awesome things without animal products.

Today I want to flow with you, feeling so so passionate about this…

I love knowing and growing in the knowledge that as within is without

Treating yourself with compassion radiates it out without any doubt

I love learning to live a life based in the heart

Going back to the childlike innocence from which we all start

I love to choose the value the life in all

Bringing freedom to choice, each one of us a teacher

I love breaking the bonds of speciesism in action

Through conscious congruence, love and compassion

I love choosing what’s best for animals as well as for my body

Removing those stinky smells when I’m going to the potty 😛

I love knowing no animals need be harmed to satisfy by buds

Seeing the sacred in all, like the cow chewing on its cud 

I love freeing up the energy to truly see

To feel and experience what’s alive in me

I understand that ethics pertain to what you believe to be true, so if you believe you need animal products I completely understand why you think it’s unethical for vegans to say you’re unethical.  But, if you understand that there is a choice and that we can get all we need from plants, why not CHOOSE LIFE?  Why not CHOOSE COMPASSION?  I’m not judging anyone, I would just ask that you take the time to ask yourself that…


We put such high expectations on our food.  We ask it to comfort us, we ask it to entertain us.  Really though food is here for our conscious expansion.  I feel such a stronger connection to the source since going vegan and so so many of the people I know that have gone vegan have experienced this.  There’s an amazing exchange and connection between humans and nature!!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the
way its animals are treated.”?”To my mind, the life of a lamb is no
less precious than that of a human being.” – Mahatma Gandhi,
statesman and philosopher

The plant world is so abundant and we can get everything our bodies need from this source.  So again I ask:


“Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all
evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still
savages.”? – Thomas Edison, inventor

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit – CK


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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