Mexico Surfing Safari and Yaka Yaka yaka…

I’ve been hanging in Puerto Vallarta this week with the fam – catching some sun and surf before I head to Cancun for my Big

“Gateway to the Golden Age Retreat”!!

Also, I want to share some info about my good Friend Dr Sam’s retreat… rawhabilitation.com I am so so so stoked to be head Chef for this retreat, share the space n help in any n all ways I can 🙂

 Health Retreats- There’s only a couple of spots left for the 2013 Costa Raw-habilitation Retreat! Please join us in this amazing paradise for a fun and wonderful healing retreat being held April 6th-14th 2013.

YOU WILL LEAVE TRANSFORMED! More details can be found here>>> retreat info. Again, there are only a couple of spots left, so if you think that you want to join us, then let us know soon. Mention that you are a Dr. SAM Newsletter subscriber and you will get a $100 discount!

Plus –

New Video Series-  Dr Sam has just launched a new video series called: Dr. SAM’s Great Healing Tips. In this video series, he answers 20 of the most common health questions that he gets asked. Some of the topics included are: high cholesterol, inflammation, weight-loss, alternative health, improving energy levels, detoxification, chiropractors, vaccines, cancer, coffee and alcohol, water and more… Each video is about 3-5 minutes long (you’ll receive 1 a day for 20 days) filled with useful tips and info that can help you improve your health, especially during the holiday season–a time when many people find it hard to stay on track! The video series is FREE. All you need to do to is go here to sign up>>> GreatHealingTips.com

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Sam – I highly recommend you check it out!!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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