Figgy Banana Pudding, No Kitchen Tools!

Would you dare??

Sharing one of my favorite super sweet n filling recipes that is versatile, perfect for travel/or away from kitchen tools, Figgy Banana Pudding?

I had such a blast with my sweetie @kamillasyogakitchen and my parents, @terrykendall1 in Stockholm this summer.

This figgy banana pudding was one of a few fun meals out, I actually had it twice and ate it in two different restaurants!

I gotta ask, what do you do when you’re on the road as a raw foodie without a blender or kitchen tools??

How about when you are going out to a restaurant with family and or friends and there isn’t really anything for you to eat?

Often I simply bring an abundance of fruits and veggies that I can eat whole, for restaurants I fill up before going out so that I’m satisfied with anything or nothing choosing to focus on the company and conversation?

Other times I ask the waitress if I can eat some of the food I brought if desired also ordering a simple salad mentioning that “I am on a special diet” or “my doctor says I need to start my meal with fruit” in order to lessen the possibility of questions or rejection?

Either way, it’s no biggie, being prepared and willing to play, experiment, and even have fun leaning into the potential discomfort of asking is the surest avenue for growth into more ease and enjoyment??

Of course, sometimes the restaurant or staff doesn’t let you eat your own food, IMHO this is understandable, at this point it’s up to us to decide what we focus on… More on this in my last post??

Figgy Banana Pudding

I hope you enjoy this simple technique and the sweet Figgy Banana Pudding recipe, it works for almost any combo of fruit and can be used for puddings, dressings, soups or fruit salads!

As always

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck 


As Always

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