811 Fruitluck in honor of Dr Doug Graham!

So so excited to rawk out another Fruitluck here in Saskatoon!!
This one is a special Fruitluck I plan to do every year on 811, that is the 11th of the 8th month!!!!

Come enjoy some Whole Fresh Ripe Raw Fruits and Veggies with good company in Victoria Park by the skateboard park Wednesday the 11 at 11 am to 2 pm : )

Any questions comments or concerns can be met along side the fun in the sun playing, doing yoga, skateboarding, feasting, running, jumping!

This fruitluck is in Honor of Dr Douglas Graham and his amazing book “The 80/10/10 Diet” (which I recommend very highly).

If you don’t know the relevance of 811 I will shed some light. 811 is simply a shortened name for of 80/10/10. This is simply a calorie nutrient ratio, what it means is that for optimal results, to flow with our species specific diet we are best served by getting 80 % or more of our calories from Carbohydrates and 10% or less of our calories coming from Protein and Fat. The biggest, longest, most well researched studies on human nutrition as well as the healthiest longest lived people in the world all point to the same formula, a high carbohydrate diet lower in fat and protein.

Its amazing actually, when we simply eat from fruits and young tender greens, eating enough to meet our caloric needs, our nutrient ratios automatically fall into the 80/10/10 guidelines! Focusing on fruit for calories, greens for extra mineral density and smaller amounts of nuts and seeds makes sense from a seasonal perspective as well as a physiological perspective. This is how the animals in nature that we are genetically closest to eat. The smarter and more peaceful the primate the more fruit they eat and the less leafs and animal products. The Bonobo (a pigmy chimpanzee) eats on average 2% or less of its diet from animal origin and eats more fruit than any primate, This Monkey has the intelligence of a 8 year old child! Doug didn’t re invent the wheel here, he took what was known in both Nutritional science as well as sports science and applied it to a raw vegan lifestyle with unbeatable results!

To say Doug has impacted my life would be a vast understatement, meeting Dr Graham over 7 years ago changed my life profoundly pointing me in the direction and path I am now on filled with passion and purpose. I feel blessed to consider him a mentor, a role model, and a friend. With that I wish to give thanks to him, his book and the example he is setting for us all. Truly a lighthouse helping bring about unparalleled levels of health and fitness all while growing in compassion for all living beings!
Thanks Dr D!!

To celebrate 811 day This fruitluck will follow the 80/10/10 principals just as all of my fruitlucks do!! Simply bring as much of your favorite fruit, no need to cut it up, prepare it or even bring a knife. Tender young greens and fruit veggies such as cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet peppers are great additions if you so choose!!! We will sit in the sun, talk and share experiences, I can answer any questions regarding 80/10/10 or the raw vegan lifestyle. We can all enjoy yoga in the park, running, playing, handstands, skateboarding anything we wish!!!

Really excited to bring this to Saskatoon this year, I hope to see you there!!!


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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