Sweden Raw Food Festival at Mundekulla 2015

So excited to share some of the fun times from the 2015 Sweden Raw Food Festival at Mundekulla! 🙂
I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

I had such a blast at the retreat sharing some yoga, raw food recipe demos as well as a talk on the social and emotional aspects raw food diet! Petr and Alexandra Cech covered the kitchen with a amazing mix of delicious simple raw vegan cuisine and some more gourmet style raw dishes to please everyone, Petr also shared a great talk on the raw food diet!!  I felt blessed to meet some other insightful speakers and chef’s Janne Larsen and Kristfrid Warner sharing from the heart with amazing food demos as well!
Peter and Anne Elmberg are the hosts of the amazing Mundekulla festival /retreat center and were always inspiring with loving songs and words of wisdom. A magical place filled to the brim with good vibes, breathtaking scenery, loving people and delicious food! I will be back for sure and would recommend you check them out for a raw food festival, a music festival, a yoga festival and or a amazing getaway in any time that works best for you!

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