The Four Pillars of Truth: How I Separate Useful Information from Misinformation

Today, I want to share The Four Pillars of Truth

The framework I use to determine whether health and dietary advice is factual or just nonsense. Let’s get into it!

We are bombarded with information and misinformation. As someone who has studied health and nutrition for almost 25 years, including 20 years as a raw vegan and registered holistic nutritionist, it can be disheartening to see misleading information presented as the gospel truth. This misinformation can hurt people and leave them confused. I believe that confusion is often intentional, a controlled opposition to keep people from taking meaningful action and/or making a lot of money.

Common sense is increasingly rare, but good-quality information has been around for a long time. To sift through the noise, I use what I call the four pillars of truth whenever I evaluate new information. Whether it’s advice from someone or data from opposing viewpoints, these pillars act as a filter to separate fact from fiction.

Before diving into the four pillars of truth, I’ll also mention that I’ll be making more controversial videos on various hot topics this year. If you have any subjects within the raw food, vegan, or nutrition realm you want me to address, let me know in the comments below. Now, let’s explore the four pillars of truth.

Pillar Number 1 Nature

Pillar Number One: Nature

I start by looking to nature. Mother Nature and the Creator possess far greater intelligence than any human being. Comparative anatomy and physiology provide relevant information about species-specific diets. For instance, we can learn a lot from animals that are closest to us in nature. The Following comparative anatomy chart can be useful for us. Consider that humans are 98.7% genetically similar to the pigmy chimpanzee, known as the Bonono. They are scientifically agreed to be frugivorous in nature.

Comparative anatomy chart

We can also look into fossil records and historical data on human bones and digestive systems, which also offer insights. Contrary to what many scientists have believed in the past, more and more groundbreaking research is emerging suggesting humans have primarily been plant eaters for most of our time on the planet. Really considering nature, our closest cousins, and the fact that virtually every living being on the planet was designed / co-evolved with its species-specific diet made up of the raw and/or living foods it was designed for helps me assess the quality of the presented information.

Pillar Number 2 Scientific Data

Pillar Number Two: Scientific Data

Next, I examine the largest body of scientific data. This means not just relying on one study but looking at long-term studies and the consensus among scientists. Tools like PubMed are invaluable for this purpose. Considering factors such as funding sources, conflicts of interest, and confounding variables is crucial. By evaluating the collective evidence from multiple studies, I can form a more accurate understanding, avoiding the pitfalls of cherry-picking single studies.

Check out this past post “Introduction to the Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition”

The Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition

In this video, I thoroughly explore some of the key science behind this amazing, compassionate lifestyle and recommend further study and education.

Pillar number 3 Personal

Pillar Number Three: Personal and Shared Experience

I draw from over 20 years of personal experience with holistic nutrition and the raw food lifestyle and from those with even more experience in this field—some with 30, 40, or 50 years of knowledge. While personal experience might be harder for others to utilize due to less study and application, it is invaluable to grow with this, leaning more on others with even more experience.

Dr Douglas Graham and I 1

I’ve learned a ton from various nutritional books and classes, as well as from mentors and through my Registered Holistic Nutrition course. I focus both on those who have had difficulties as well as on success stories and how people got through challenges, both my own and those of others, learning from other long-term coaches and experts like Dr. Douglas Graham, Dr. Rick and Karin Dina, and Don Bennett. These experiences help differentiate between effective and ineffective approaches.

Pillar Number 4 Intuition

Pillar Number Four: Intuition

Finally, I rely on my intuition. The most significant changes in my life and diet have resonated deeply within me, feeling like a rediscovery of forgotten truths. I find that many on the raw food diet experience heightened intuition. When combined with the other three pillars, intuition becomes a powerful tool to discern truth. It’s remarkable how often things become clear when you listen to your gut feelings, especially after considering scientific data, nature, and personal experiences.

Utilizing the four pillars of truth can help you navigate through conflicting information. Start with the largest body of scientific data, look to nature, consult experienced individuals, and trust your intuition. If you have any questions or need advice, I offer consultations and coaching packages, as well as my Raw Vegan Lifestyle Success System, an interactive online course with group coaching.

I hope this helps you sift through the misinformation out there. In future posts, I’ll address more myths and dangerous information. If you have topics you want me to cover, let me know in the comments below, and I will showcase them utilizing the four pillars of truth to dispel fact from fiction.

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