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Introduction to the Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition with Chris Kendall RHN

As a long-term Low Fat Raw Vegan and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I feel blessed to share a long overdue video giving an Introduction to the Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition as well as a bit of my personal story, services, and recommendations for further education!

I hope you LOVE the video and learn a ton from my Introduction to the Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition, transcript below!

When looking at the major reasons that people say they have been able to stick with a raw food approach, quality education comes up again and again as one of the most common key components of success and longevity with a raw and vegan lifestyle!

I have been studying nutrition for over 23 years now and there is always more to learn, really it’s a passion and part of my purpose to continually grow with!

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Introduction to the Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition

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Now to a portion of the transcript from the Introduction To Raw Food Nutrition Video

Welcome everybody to the introduction to the benefits of raw food nutrition presentation my name is Chris Kendall, and I flow as a registered holistic nutritionist, raw food lifestyle coach, and raw chef!

Who here would like to have more energy more vitality reduce your risk of disease and achieve your optimal body weight all the same time?

Maybe you’re interested in making some changes in your own life to feel better and be healthier?

Chances are if you’re interested in having more energy losing weight feeling younger or improving some health conditions you’re not alone!

Let’s take a look at where we’re headed as a society. Did you know that over two-thirds of the population in the United States can be classified as overweight or obese this number grows every single year along with our waistlines?

Let’s take a look…

So looking at this first slide in the video showing 1990, we can see the majority of the united states is in that 10 percent to 14 overweight zone with some being under 10 and just a few with no data collected just 10 short years later in the year 2000 you can see the increase in the obesity rate going from 15 to 19 for almost half the population and 20 to 24% for the other half with just one state being in that 10 to 14 percent range moving into 2010 we can see this trend continuing
a large percentage of the population is now in that 20 to 24% range the largest part being at that 20 to 29% range and a large part of the population being above 30 percent.
After this chart, there are still increases going on and we’ll have the 2020 next year, unfortunately, there are a whole host of diseases that accompany this growing trend including type 2 diabetes high cholesterol, and high blood pressure all of which are major risk factors for heart disease the biggest killer in the USA and many other modernized nations.

Does anyone know the fastest growing population category for type 2 adult-onset diabetes? Sadly it’s children this is largely because the number of overweight and obese children is growing in record numbers as these children become young adults these disease processes begin to manifest in greater numbers. For example, an October 2007 article from the Washington Times reports that from 2001 to 2006 the percentage of young adults aged 20 to 44 taking high blood pressure medications increased by 21% going from 7 to 8%, and the number of young adults taking anti-cholesterol medications increased by 68% in the same time frame from 2.5 percent to 4%, this is an all too common trend we keep seeing more and more of these days. Some people have attempted to come up with answers or monopolize on these problems as a result we have a variety of diet supplements and miracle cures that often have big promises and little returns.

Has anyone ever heard of the zone, Atkins or South Beach diets high protein, low carb diets eat right for your blood type?

All of these fad diets, are they really working?

As we speak the number of overweight and obese people continues to rise. In fact, we’re the first society ever to go on a diet and actually gain weight! One of the many reasons why most diets do not work in the long run is because they are diets… Just look at the first three letters of the word diet and that gives us a clue D I E. Typically one will go on a diet to lose the desired weight all too often feeling hungry and deprived the whole time then eventually they go off the diet back to the lifestyle that they had prior to starting the diet the one that got them to where they did not want to be in the first place and then they usually gain that weight back and oftentimes more.

There are many reasons why people make the food choices that they do this includes convenience as so many of us are busy with work and family activities that sometimes it just seems easier to put something in the microwave or go out to eat. I now know differently than there’s a taste we all like food that tastes good if something tastes good then we’ll be more inclined to eat it on a regular basis the foods that are the healthiest for us seemingly are not always the foods that we like the most if this was true then there would be less of an obesity epidemic in this country. I think that most of us know what foods are good for us for example I’m sure that many of you have seen the five-a-day ads on tv and or in the magazines, they tell us that we should get at least five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day for better health whether or not we make these choices is another story it’s easy to know what to do it’s not so easy to do what you know fact you can’t deprive yourself
into health fact, willpower is not infinitely sustainable this is where I come in.

My specialty is teaching about the benefits of raw and living foods, have you ever heard of eating raw and or living foods, or a raw or living foods diet?

Raw and living foods are foods such as fresh fruits vegetables, sprouts nuts, and seeds that have not been heated above 104 to 121 degrees Fahrenheit when we eat more of these fresh ripe, and raw foods instead of less healthful foods we simultaneously avoid many of the unhealthful ingredients of more processed foods such as too much refined carbohydrates, saturated and trans fats, excess cholesterol salt preservatives, etc. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the beneficial properties of the raw and living foods approach.

First, let’s look at calorie-density foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in water and fiber and have a low amount of calories per serving because both water and fiber have weight and volume but are low in calories. What this means is that these foods fill you up so you feel full and satisfied without too many calories that lead to gaining weight. Various studies have shown that when people eat foods low in caloric density they can eat as much as they want and still achieve their optimal body weight fresh fruits and vegetables keep you full and satisfied with just the right amount of calories. I mean check me out, I eat my pants off at every meal, I’m just wearing a loincloth and I eat all I want and I’m fit and trim.

The illustration in the video explains this well, looking at the two stomach pictures the stomach on the left contains raw plant foods and the stomach on the right contains typical modern foods. Both stomachs contain the same volume or weight of food but the full stomach on raw foods is only 500 to 600 calories and the full stomach of processed foods would roughly be equivalent to 1500 calories! Another way of looking at the same thing is that if you’re restricting calories by portion control,
the most common way of dieting, you can’t eat as much typical modern fare as you want without gaining weight, but with raw and living foods you can really fill to total satisfaction which makes it a much easier way to reduce your calorie intake than having to restrict yourself which also often leads to deprivation.

Now let’s get into fiber, in addition to bulking up food and decreasing caloric density the fiber in raw and living foods has many other beneficial properties amongst them fiber helps to regulate blood sugar by allowing the carbohydrates and food to be released into the bloodstream more gradually. Fiber also helps to lower your cholesterol, it’s not just oat bran that does this, fiber also keeps everything moving through the intestines helping us to feel light and energized. Certain types of fiber serve as food for probiotics living in our intestinal microbiome. We all know that we need vitamins and minerals raw and living foods are very high in vitamins and minerals foods such as these have a very high nutrient per calorie ratio and they help keep us satisfied with fewer calories. On the other hand, when we eat simply empty calorie processed foods we remain hungry as our body is still seeking the nutrients it needs
we all know many of the other benefits of vitamins and minerals.

Raw and living foods are also very high in phytonutrients, you may have heard of some of these such as lycopene beta-carotene, and chlorophyll. There are a host of others as well they’re most well known for their antioxidant and cancer-protective
properties, but antioxidants many phytonutrients also act as antioxidants. Antioxidants counteract the damaging effects of free radicals which are known to contribute to the aging process in many ways. We’ve all heard of enzymes, raw and living foods are high in food-based enzymes. Enzymes are needed to digest our food, once food gets heated above 104 to 121 degrees Fahrenheit the food enzymes present in them start to be deactivated when we eat raw and living foods the enzymes present in the food give the body a head start in the digestive process which means less energy expended in digestion and more energy left over for you to feel healthy and vital. Papaya and pineapple, for example, have two protein-digesting enzymes papain and bromelain.

Alkalinity raw and living foods help to maintain the proper alkaline ph of the bloodstream which is very beneficial to the body in a number of ways. As your diet starts to include more raw and living foods you’ll most likely start to notice more energy a lighter feeling and a greater overall sense of well-being. You’ll be giving your body more of the nutrients it needs to create optimal health and less of the things that interfere with health and well-being. People eating this way usually find that their weight normalizes over time without feeling hungry or deprived. It’s not just another diet but a healthful delicious and most importantly sustainable way of changing the eating habits that you can happily maintain for a lifetime.

By learning new enjoyable eating habits the old habits won’t seem so hard to leave behind, once again one of the main reasons why people do not succeed in health programs is because
they think the food does not taste as good or that they won’t eat satisfying amounts and after a while, people go back to eating foods that they think taste good and are familiar to them. With my free raw recipes app with over 100
free recipes you can easily find tons of recipes you love and that love you back!

Raw fruits are nature’s fast food if you are interested in losing weight and learning how to keep it off or gaining energy and vitality while reducing your risk for many chronic diseases then a properly planned raw food diet is right for you!
One of the best ways to increase your success with any endeavor is quality education, if you wish to further your nutritional education with a college-level year-long course I recommend dr rick and Karen Dina’s mastering raw food nutrition course!

This presentation is a part of my finishing their course and I’ve learned a ton even though I’ve been studying nutrition since 1999 and raw foods specifically since 2004!
Thank you all very much for joining me today I hope to connect with you very soon and assist you in any way that I can on your path to better health. I’m happy to help via online coaching and support in various formats and plans

I hope you find the Introduction to the Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition video super helpful and decide to check out

Dr. Rick and Karin Dina’s Mastering Raw Food Nutrition Course

if that’s not your cup of tea peep out my

Raw Vegan Lifestyle Success System or both! 🙂

If you have any questions feel free to reach out, comment on this post,

and as always

Wishing you Much
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As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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