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Overcoming Social Challenges as a Raw Vegan with Dr. Graham

Video 2 of 7 Diving into reasons people say they can not succeed on an 80/10/10 diet, This time “Overcoming Social Challenges as a Raw Vegan” with the author himself, Dr. Douglas Graham of FoodnSport.com

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I think that succeeding socially is challenging for some people succeeding socially is a challenge that requires a lot of personal growth. We learn as kids to socialize a bit but we’re also punished for it, for instance in school, you know don’t talk to your neighbors, or don’t talk to your classmates or whatever your teacher used to say to you. There’s a lot to interactions that have more to do with personal development than they do with even Social Development, for instance, if I say to you “hey Chris what did you do to your hair” you might take that as a compliment, you might take it as an insult, you might take it as neutral, you know you might attack me but you might compliment me back. You might tell me the whole story, you met this person on the train, and eventually, you talked, and it turns out their sister is the hairdresser and you met her, etc but it could be any number of so many different possible responses that could happen from hey Chris what’d you do to your hair,  you could be defensive you could be aggressive and all of these things are things about you.

One of the things that I had to come face to face with Overcoming Social Challenges was in every social interaction it’s always about me, my issues are about me.

They’re not about whether the other person approves or disapproves, they’re not about what the other person attacks or defends, whatever the other person does, or how they act. It’s not about them, that’s their issues, mine are about me, and will take self-introspection and growth on my side to overcome these social challenges. So for me when I went vegetarian I didn’t really ever hold my tail between my legs and apologize to my friends “hey I’m vegetarian sorry I can’t do that” when I went vegan the same process all over again. Sometimes I might actually use those kinds of phrases to put them at ease, “hey I’m really sorry guys I’ve decided to go vegan you wanna you wanna throw some vegetables on the grill for me and I’ll have those while you have your burger” well the same thing happened as a raw vegan.

I’m constantly impressed by the people who are really good at putting other people at ease, this to me shows a level of awareness that like I go “wow like I’m just reacting but they’re choreographing wow” they’re really good acting from awareness rather than just reacting and saying you jerk!

So is the 80/10/10 diet hard to do socially, I have never found it to be difficult to do socially, I never found it so, but I understand where and why some people stumble while learning to get better at overcoming social challenges as a raw vegan. I mean if you’re going to a party, some holiday thing, you’re going to Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, birthday party, a wedding, etc, you’re going somewhere and there’s going to be food and you’re expecting them to accommodate you as a low-fat raw vegan… you’re going to be sadly disappointed. They’re not going to know how, they’re probably not going to want to, they’re probably not even going to consider whether you know that they needed to, they don’t just take everybody’s diets into consideration they’re gonna deal with the mainstream, in most cases that’s just how it is, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use your social graces to make it easier for them to make it easier for you!

If I go visit your house I’m bringing fruit with me because it’s a nice gift to give people, maybe back in the day I would have brought something else other than fruit, flowers or a bottle of wine, I’ll just bring grapes instead. It’s fun to bring a case of fruit and then eat half of it, so it made it easier for them, made it easier for you, and all is good in the world. A really big part in overcoming social challenges is understanding they are actually opportunities for growth, a chance to play and try different things that make the situation more fun and about connection.

I think we need to learn how to put other people at ease rather than come up with a reason why I can’t do this because otherwise, we run into the same problem over and over again if we don’t actually solve the problem.

To go deeper into this topic of Overcoming Social Challenges as a Raw Vegan be sure to watch the whole video!

Remember, this is video 2 of 7 in this series with Dr. Graham, enjoy more below!

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I hope you enjoy this video series with Dr. Douglas Graham and that this video helps you Overcoming Social Challenges as a Raw Vegan!

This is just video 2 of 7 Diving into reasons people say they can not succeed on an 80/10/10 diet with Dr. Douglas Graham of FoodnSport.com

In 2006 Dr. Douglas Graham released “The 80/10/10 diet”, a book widely considered to be the raw food bible. His ability to take complex nutritional subjects and present them with just the right dose of common sense, humor, and science is unparalleled. A 40+ year raw foodist himself, trainer of elite athletes, fasting practitioner, keynote speaker, fitness instructor, and more, if you haven’t read the 80/10/10 diet I highly recommend it as the best book on diet and nutrition out there!

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