Top Tips for Sourcing Produce

Join Alanna aka @naturominta and I as we go into our Top Tips for Sourcing Produce, we also touch on our thoughts about the new spray being put on more and more produce called “apeel” as well as a few other subjects!?

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Enjoy this Excerpt from the video Top Tips for Sourcing Produce

I’ll start by saying, when I first got into the raw food lifestyle, I was hyper-focused on a couple of different fruits that I always wanted and felt I “needed”. There were times when I couldn’t find those specific foods ripe at the grocery store, and I would freak out and not know what to do. I remember traveling and thinking, “I need ripe bananas,” but at times that I was on the road with friends and could only stop at one grocery store occasionally and be really thrown for a loop. Most of the time, the bananas were green, and I would pass by watermelons and ripe peaches, fixated on finding bananas for the calories. When I couldn’t find them, I would freak out and feel lost. I understand how people can get into that mindset. Maybe it’s the middle of winter, and they’re craving strawberries, but when they finally get them, they’re disappointed and unsatisfied. Not to mention, the strawberries cost twice as much in the middle of winter, leaving their pockets emptier. Many of us have experienced these situations, and they can be frustrating and challenging.

I’d say my first significant tip, which I slowly discovered over the years, is to genuinely enjoy and explore the seasonality of fruits and vegetables and try new ones. Try going for the fruit and vegetables that are abundant and reasonably priced, the ones that you can see some ripe among the group that looks and smells really good. If possible, ask the produce manager for a sample. I almost always request a sample of anything that I plan to buy in bulk, especially fruits and tomatoes.

Most often when buying a large box of fruit, say peaches, the produce manager or shopkeeper will likely allow you to try one or worst case you can buy one, try it and then decide. I’ll admit that sometimes if I go to a produce store or vendor and it looks good but I’m not entirely sure, I will first rely on my senses. I’ll look at it, smell it, and think, “Yeah, this is good,” and then go for it. Our five senses, especially sight, smell, and touch, usually give us a good sense before we taste. However, there are times when I visit a produce market, and they don’t allow light careful touching, or sampling. In those cases, I ask for a sample and they say no. I’m like, “Okay, I’m not buying from you,” because that’s not the energy I want surrounding the food choices I make. I prefer to go to someone who is enthusiastic about my excitement for the food and allows a little bit of play with it.

This is just an excerpt and is just one part of one of the many Top Tips for Sourcing Produce that Alanna and I share and go deeper into!

I really hope you enjoy the full chat we had, we both share a lot of gems that can really help you get better quality and lower cost / free produce If you want to save time and money on quality produce please listen in.

A big thanks to Alanna @naturominta for having me on her IG, be sure to check her out 🙂

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