Traveling the world and using nearly every kind of blender I could get my hands has led me to know the Vitamix Blender is the best out there for many reasons!

Check out this video to learn my top 3 Tips for the Vitamix Blender to bring your cuisine to the next level!

Sure there are other blenders that are smaller, lighter or cost less money, but in terms of getting the job done, quality and warranty, nothing compares to the Vitamix.

Before I get into the TOP 3 TIPS…

Here are a few reasons I LOVE the Vitamix Blender

  • The Amazing Warranty (7 years for new machines, 5 for Reconditioned) they cover all shipping costs from purchasing to any warranty shipping needs, if ever needed.
  • The 2 horsepower motor makes short work of any dish no matter how thick. From perfectly smooth sauces, smoothies and dips to nicecream, nut butters and even bread dough, if your into that kind of thing.
  • The tamper makes it easy to achieve any texture no matter how thin or thick your sauce / smoothie / dip / ice-cream is. Simple put the ingredients you want chunky in last and push into the blades with the tamper at slow speeds
  • The Vitamix is as strong as heck, I have burnt out numerous blenders over the years and have yet to have issues with any of the dozens of vitamins I have used over the last 14+ years both personally and working as a high demand raw chef.
  • They give back and provide the opportunity for those who love Vitamix to become affiliates and share the love!!

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To the Vitamix Blender Top 3 Tips

  1. When making sauces with herbs in them wait to add the herbs till last, then pulse them in or blend them in at slow speeds with the tamper to preserve some texture. This is especially helpful with basil and cilantro to get the most flavour out of the herb. To achieve a chunky texture you can add cauliflower, broccoli and or mushrooms to any sauce, blend a low speeds (3-5) and use the tamper to press the ingredients into the blades. For thick and hearty stews use the same method, place a abundance of greens / herbs on top of a pre blended sauce (up to 50/50 ratio or more) and push into the blades at low speeds until the desired texture is reached.
    ** it can be very helpful to quickly pulse the blender at high speeds from time to time, especially with cilantro, to break up any long bits and free the blade incase it has gotten twirled up. (technical term)
  2. When making smoothies or sauces try to blend at slower speeds (3-5) with a occasional pulse rather than at top speeds that will create a large tornado like vortex in the smoothie. When blending at high speeds more air is pulled into the smoothie and this increases oxidization which damages nutrients and lessens the flavour to some degree.
  3. When making thick sauces, nicecream, nut butters etc be sure to use the tamper vigoursly, go for it as if you are a crazy psycho killer, really. Try to push the food in from every angle, against the walls of the container into the blades as fast as possible, this is much easier on the blender motor and helps to create a smoother product!

I hope you found these Top 3 Tips for the Vitamix Blender Helpful and that they help you create more memorable dishes for yourself and loved ones!!

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Hope you really enjoyed the Top Tips for the Vitamix as well as the other videos and recipes!!

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