Join Ali Washington of Perception Trainers and I as we dive deep into my spiritual journey, uncovering the beliefs, practices, tips and tools to help you find peace and ease with the Massive growth opportunities that go along with the raw food lifestyle.
I really hope you find benefit from listening in on this open hearted conversation about raw food, self identity, self love, yoga and how it relates to our spiritual awakening.

Aliyah is a true kindred spirit, one who’s focus on spirituality is as deep as her message of self love and loving service. Gifted with the ability to take complicated esoteric and spiritual concepts easy to understand but easier to apply I think you will find Aliyah Washington’s insights and energy invaluable!

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Hope you really enjoyed the interview on raw food and spirituality, let me know if there is anything you found really helpful or if there is anything you would wish me to go deeper into!

Wishing you Much

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