Secrets on Preventing, Halting and even Reversing Cancer


this word alone brings more heated emotion, controversy, misunderstanding, fear and confusion than most topics one could talk on. As the cancer industry  would have us believe there is little we can do to protect ourselves from cancer beyond early screening, chemotherapy, surgeries and other toxic treatments. The medical viewpoint is that we need to wage war on our bodies in order to “kill” the cancer, and hope that when and  if the “dust” settles your still strong enough to survive.  The sad facts are that most people actually die of the “treatment” rather than the cancer itself, early screening may actually contribute to causing cancer, the majority of the money raised for “research” goes to free screenings facilitating more “future customers” and profits.

Don’t believe me, check out this grant list at the Komen for the Cure organization, you’ll see it’s almost entirely spent on recruiting more women with mammograms.

Understand that early detection means more “survivors” in the industries statistics, this is because one technically is considered a “survivor” if they are alive 5 years after 1st diagnosis. The art of skewing statistics is in play in all big industry, cancer is big business, in fact its in the cancer industries best interest to treat, rather than find a “cure”. Keep in mind “the cure” has “been just around the corner” since the 60’s while prevention education is kept in the dark or made confusing. To me its plain to see that the cancer industry disempowers people to believe that their body somehow “messed up”, and big pharma/medical is your only chance to be “saved” or “cured”. The empowering truth is that you can safely and naturally prevent, halt and even reverse cancer with diet and lifestyle choices, yes its all up to you. Many people even deemed terminal by the medical industry have complete recovered by simply taking away the causes of cancer and following a hygienic lifestyle. Sadly when someone who has recovered by utilizing natural methods approaches the cancer societies they aren’t given heed claiming wrong diagnosis or simply ignoring the reality. One last point before anyone sends me angry emails, I would like to point out the the vast majority of people working and being treated by the medical/pharma/cancer cartels truly believe in what they are doing, believe they are doing the best thing possible, and work out of love and desire to help. Do the research, there is far too much information and science for me to provide it all here. Love and strength to you all, may the information I present open your eyes to some of these far to little known truths inspiring more personal growth and research.

These are some facts you probable have unsurprisingly never heard, but will clear much up.

Everyone of us has cancer cells in our bodies, the difference between “having cancer” and “not” is dependant on creating the right environment for cancer cells to multiply and grow. Cancer thrives in a anaerobic (without oxygen)  environment, as well as in a acidic environment. Its no surprise that more and more people at younger and younger ages are developing cancer theses days when you understand that the major causes of cancer, and indeed most degenerative diseases is acidosis and poor cellular oxygenation.

Focusing on cellular oxygenation to maintain and regain health is huge as its fact that cancer and virus’s cannot survive nor multiply in a oxygenated environment. How do we best keep our bodies oxygenated?, Here are a few tips. Decrease your total fat intake to 10-15 % maximum as a daily or weekly percentage of overall calories (you can try a free account at to track your macronutrient intake). Well documented and proven sport science shows that any % of fat above 10% in total calories directly and measuredly decreases our bodies ability to uptake, transport, and deliver oxygen via our blood to our cells. This is vastly important and something not well known or promoted. Other important tips include getting moderate exercise with proper recovery (consistently working to failure without adequate recovery actually had adverse acidifying effects ), breathing deeply, meditation, yoga, or any other practice coupling movement/mindfulness with deep breathing. By increasing your fitness level through consistent exercise and including deep breathing as a part of your daily routine you can increase your bodies circulation capabilities resulting in higher blood oxygen levels  thereby improving your bodies ability to carry oxygen to your trillions of cells.

Vitamin D is another amazing factor important in preventing, halting, and reversing cancer. Much fear is put upon sun exposure, if you’ve already read my “Ten Sure Shot Ways to Drastically Improve your Health” (given free for signing up to my list) you know my stance on sun exposure and sun screen, if not suffice it to stay getting at least 15 – 30 minutes a day on average on exposed skin is your best way to get your fill of vitamin D. Sunscreens actually inhibit your bodies ability to synthesize vitamin D, as well has other toxic and hormone mimicking qualities. Sun exposure is incredibly healthy for us, while “too much” of anything will bear its own consequences, don’t shun the sun.

Everyone knows our health in general hinges on being slightly alkaline, but many people don’t know how much this effects our chances of creating a breeding ground for cancers and most of todays degenerative diseases. All fresh, raw, ripe fruits and veggies are alkaline forming(yes even citrus/limes/lemon, which along with leafy greens are actually some of the most alkaline forming foods), a huge step in preventing/halting/reversing cancer is eating more or better yet exclusively of the fruits and leafy green veggies you love. Its important to note the foods and factors that accumulatively create a acidic condition in the body. A partial list is, stress, environmental agricultural and home chemical exposure, all animal products (including meats, milk, cheese, fish, eggs), highly processed foods, caffeine, carbonated beverages, coffee,  alcohol, sugar, cigarettes, most grains, over exercise, negative thought patterns, lack of exercise, food additives, cooked and especially charred foods, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated foods; most vegetables oils (some rancid almost immediately); polluted water; chlorine, fluoride, lead, aluminum, most nuts and seeds, shallow breathing, preservatives, stabilizers, flavoring agents, nitrates, pesticides, dyes, fungicides etc. While this may seem overwhelming, is much easier to focus on getting in more more fresh ripe raw organic fruits and veggies each meal than stressing on what you maybe shouldn’t eat.

I have a feeling I could go on and on here, elaborating or explaining more, feel free to comment or ask questions to be answered in future posts and publications. I truly hope this helps you or someone you love in increasing the understanding of cancer and its causes, or better yet preventing halting or reversing cancer.While genetics have a role in what your body is susceptible to, its up to you to create and maintain the conditions for either health or disease. You control you own health!

Please pass this on to everyone and anyone you think it may help if you feel the desire to.

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