Final days at Finca de Vida!

Been a busy few week, apologies for my tortuousness in putting this one out!

Be sure to check out Brian and Josephine’s Interview on my new interviews page, a great one with Melanie coming soon!

Also, I have been nominated for “best gourmet raw chef” as well as “sexiest raw man” OH MY,

peep it out and vote for me if ya wanna help me grow!

Hopefully next year I will be nominated for my strengths, “simple raw chef” “raw educator” and “raw athlete”, all in time 🙂

Any-who, this vid is spectacular I really hope you enjoy it!

Where to start oh my!

Well well well, we start out with Brian and I sun gazing with Egyptian rod’s. These rods were said to be used by Pharos and priests in ancient Egypt to amplify the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of sun gazing. At Finca de Vida there are two Vortex’s, one for sunrise and one for sunset, these too amplify the effects of the earth and the sun’s magnetic powers. Really really interesting stuff, I will be interviewing Brian Calvi again in the future more on this.

From there we jump into the last 4 days at Ka Sundance’s raw transformational retreat where I spent my time as the Raw Gourmet Chef with the help of the wonderful Melanie Lotos! All recipes in this video blog among many many others will be in my upcoming ebook / book “TRA Retreat Treats” coming soon! It is sure to knock your socks off with many a Instant Classic, Guaranteed!

Hope you enjoy this video tons!!


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As Always

Wishing You Much

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