Growing Fruit Tree’s Indoors!

Well well well, A bit of a Time Piece,

Going from footage from last year to today to Document the Growing of some Fruit Trees Indoors!!!

Hope you Love the Video 🙂

Growing fruit tree’s or plant of any kind can be a really rewarding and fun activity. Often all it takes is some Seed’s, Soil, Water and Love. If you live in the North creating a little controlled environment is key too. With a bit of Attention care and practice you can grow tons of awesome Tree’s indoors although in most cases they will not come to fruit if they are tropical. In this Video I Show you how to Sprout Date Seeds/Pits and Plant them to Grow Date Palms as well as how to Internally Incubate, Sprout and Plant Noni Seeds to make Noni Tree’s! 🙂

Starting with the Dates, I find it best to make sure I am using Organic Fruit, pick the best tasting fruit you can, IN my case I picked Khadrawy and Halawi dates variety dates from the Bautista Family 7hotdates.com they are really great priced certified organic Dates from California! When purchasing dates, especially for sprouting be sure to buy organic fresh raw dates. Conventional and dried and pitted dates can go through various processes(steaming, freezing, chemical treatments), which diminishes their quality, taste, digestibility, and nutritional value. Eat the Date then Clean it really well with a soft toothbrush, you don’t want any bits of date stuck to the Pit, as if you’d leave any! Soak the clean dates in Pure water for 2 – 3 days or until fully hydrated plump and starting to open, Change water daily. At this point Transfer the Date Pits into a plastic bag filled with quality soil, keep the solid slightly moist and in a warm place for 1 – 3 weeks or until sprouts the length of the pit form. Be sure to watch them, keeping the bag open and making sure they don’t dry out or get too wet.

You Have Date Sprouts!!!!

From here simply Plant them carefully in to some sprouting trays or into Pots, be sure to place them in a nice warm spot. A Srouting dome and sprouting Mat (warmer) can be really helpful especially if your in a cold climate like me. Water, Love Make sure there is Light, Natural or Grow Lights and Watch Grow grow grow!! Date Palms can take 1-3 weeks before they shoot above the soil, Patience.. Refer to the video ! 🙂

The Noni Seeds, Oh the Noni Seeds!! 🙂

I got my Noni’s whole while in Mexico, on the last day there I ate 10 Noni fruit as a mono meal and flew home. Once home I went to the bathroom and scooped out the seeds, yes I did. Our body acts like a natural Incubator, starting the germination process, even so Noni seeds are tough, I had to snip just a little bit off the pointed end of the seed and soak them for 2 days further before planting them in soil. Noni Seeds can take 2- 4 weeks before emerging from the soil even more patience is needed here.

Growing Fruit From seed can be really fun, requires patience love attention and some set up, I hope you enjoyed this video and join me in creating a fruitier and more lush future!!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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  1. LOVE love LOVE this sprouting action!!!  After I return from the States, I'll be in sprouting mode too… can't wait to get back into it!  Blessings brohada*

  2. Hey, fab. But what happens as they grow? Can they stay in the house? I don't thnk date palms and mango have much hope with Washington, DC area winteres.

    1. They just grow as nice little house plants, thats really what I figured for them, that is unless the poles shift n the weather changes here (as some predict it could) to sub tropical, in that case I would plant them outside n learn more to get them, or others fruiting 🙂 You also can create a indoor environment, greenhouse, that would support fruit growth. Some greenhouses here have banana’s n its -40 in the winter here!

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