What I Eat In a Day 19.5 Year Athletic Raw Vegan

Diving into a detailed What I Eat in a Day Video as a 19.5-year athletic raw vegan!

This time I am showcasing a busy day where I went to the gym and also had an evening skate session.

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This video goes into why I drink water even though I eat lots of water-rich foods, why I am not concerned about protein as an athletic raw vegan or any one nutrient every day, and goes over my complete nutrient profile of the day with much more info!

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Below is the partial Transcript sharing some of the more technical aspects of the What I Eat In a Day 19.5 Year athletic raw vegan video 🙂

I always start my day with a cup of water. While fruit is hydrating, particularly non-sweet fruits, it’s more efficient for metabolizing fruit sugars if we are hydrated first. And when you’re thirsty, water’s the way to go. Now, for my first meal after a workout at the gym, I’m really getting into nectarines and mangoes. I enjoy them a lot, especially after a good workout at the gym. So, I had eight nectarines and four mangoes, and I felt perfectly full, feeling great.

A key concept here, especially as an athletic raw vegan is embracing complete abundance. It’s pretty difficult to overeat fruit unless you’re eating beyond enjoyment or consuming for emotional reasons. I aim to eat every meal right between as much as I enjoy and as much as I can, when hungry until completely full.

It was quite hot out here while skating, so I’m making sure to stay well-hydrated and drink a liter of water. After that skate session, I had a little snack of grapes, and when I got home I had a little more water and 800 grams of grapes! Following those juicy grapes, I went for a big banana barley grass juice powder smoothie. I’ll be using 18 medium bananas and some barley grass juice powder because I really love it. Look at that, about two tablespoons.

Just so you know, today is an all-fruit day except for the barley grass juice powder. I’m actually not a fruitarian; I also eat plenty of greens, veggies, raw veggie curries, and various other foods over the days weeks, and months. But this felt best for me today, especially since it was a bit late and I didn’t want a heavy vegetable meal this close to bedtime. If you want to see more of my daily routines, check out my What I Eat in a Day playlist here, It includes different days with full recipes and more.

Oh, I almost forgot, I’ve been snacking on a few handfuls of arugula with my smoothie and then later I have one avocado! 

If you’re interested in the detailed nutritional information, I’m using a free tool called Cronometer, which I highly recommend you explore. It’s useful when you’re just starting a raw food diet to get ballpark figures for your calorie intake and the macronutrient ratios of fat, protein, and carbohydrates you need, as well as the micronutrients, i.e. vitamins, minerals, etc. Just so you know cronometer is based on the edible portion of the food, to be accurate I weighed it to ensure accuracy, subtracting the peels. You can also switch the app to pounds if you prefer.

athletic raw vegan

Clicking on ‘consumed’ shows the breakdown of protein, carbs, and fat. I follow an 80-10-10 diet, which is often misunderstood. It doesn’t mean hitting exactly 80-10-10 every day. It means that, on average, you’re getting 80% or more of your calories from carbs and 10% or less from fat and protein. Today, I’ve consumed 10% fat and 5% protein, along with over 80% carbs. Some days, my carb intake might be 75% or 80%, and on others, my protein might be 8%, 9%, 10%, or even 12% or 13%. Fat follows the same pattern, ranging from 5% to 15%. It’s about the averages over days, weeks, months, and even years.

Looking at the daily report, I can access more detailed information. It shows calories, percentage breakdowns, calories burned, and my balance. The app suggests I’m not getting enough protein, but what’s important is meeting our individual amino acid needs over time. As long as we’re consuming enough individual amino acids and getting the required calories to maintain our weight, we’re good. I’ve been following this diet for almost 20 years, and I’ve had consistent positive results.

athletic raw vegan

I have no trouble building muscle and maintaining my optimal weight. Some days I get more protein, other days less. What many people overlook is that our body uptakes nearly the same amount of protein every day, regardless of what we eat. Our body continuously breaks down tissues into amino acids and recycles them. It’s all about getting the right balance of amino acids over days, weeks, and months, along with enough calories to maintain weight.

Back to the summary, I hit most of my nutritional targets quite well. I do take a B12 supplement, just so you know. Looking again, the main things lacking are calcium and sodium. On days when I eat more greens, my sodium intake is higher. But I’m not aiming for the recommended 500 milligrams – our sodium needs are often inflated due to common high-sodium diets filled with processed food.

Zinc is a bit low, but on other days when I eat pumpkin seeds and mushrooms, it balances out. Carbohydrates are well-covered, and fats could be better balanced, but they’re still within the 1:4 range for Omega-3 to Omega-6. I often use flax, chia, and hemp seeds, which actually put me in an optimal Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio of 1:1 to 1:4. We’ve already discussed protein. You can see the detailed breakdown here. When I incorporate greens, nuts, seeds, and especially sprouts (I love lentil and mung bean sprouts), my protein levels go much higher, and all balances out.

I’ve been following this diet for over 20 years, and my blood tests have consistently been excellent. My doctor has even said that my blood work is the best he’s seen in his career. I hope you find this information really helpful and that you check out the video for more details on each level. 

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