This weeks video blog is jam packed with behind the scenes footage of a recent interview I did for huge skateboarding website (The Berrics) talking about my experiences with the raw diet, more of Jack’s cuteness, a great simple recipe and the ultra tasty White Sapote!

enjoy it!!!

This week we start out with some behind the scenes at a interview I did with 20 year veteran Professional skateboarder Steve Berra for his website . We talked about my history in skating, the raw food diet, raw nutrition, as well as what I am doing now with my site and consultations. During the interview he asked me to do a full time live in consult as a 100% raw lifestyle coach at his house for a month, or for as long as it takes to get him comfortably raw and healthy. I am most thankful for this interview and opportunity, Steve’s website is one of the biggest skateboarding websites in the world and gets up to 150 000 hit a day. This will most certainly help me reach many more people and skaters with the message of health and fitness, I feel truly blessed. I will post the link for the interview as soon as its available.
For there we go into helping move my host n good friends the Wells from one apartment in the complex to another, some chilling beach time, farmers markets, jack enjoying much sweet fruit and one of my favorite recipes “chocolate monkey”. For desert I enjoyed some White Sapote, a delicious sweet and creamy fruit reminiscent of sweet pear/peach/avocado. They are in the same family of trees as oranges and grow in similar climates. Native to eastern Mexico their original name means “sleep fruit” as they have been said to make one drowsy. They have up to 5 large and small seeds within that should not be eaten and are known for tranquilizing properties.

I hope you really enjoy the video, in truth they take enough time that my desire to write is lessened, oh my. I promise to do a better job in the future devoting more time to my written part, there is just so much to do in sunny California 🙂

As Always

Wishing You Much

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