Dan McDonald & Dr Robert Lockhart Top Reccomended Books

During an evening meal at this year’s Woodstock Fruit Festival I got Dan “The Life Regenerator” Mcdonald and Dr Robert Lockhart to share the top book picks and authors that have personally inspired them in terms of raw food and hygienic health, spiritual health and Holistic Health in general. Was awesome to connect at the Woodstock Fruit Festival with these two inspiring friends, Learn more about each of them and see the recommenced reading list and links below 🙂
Dan Mcdonald https://RegenerateYourLife.org
Dr Robert Lockhart https://SunFoodHealthRetreat.com; RIP

Dan “the Life Regenerators” Top influential Author/Book Picks:
The Essene Gospel of Peace series
David Wolfe
Arnold Ehret
Robert Morse “Detox Miracle Source Book”
Norman Walker
Paul & Patricia Bragg
Stephen Harrod Buhner – The Transformational Power of Fasting: The Way to Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Rejuvenation
Hilton Hotema

Dr Robert Lockharts Top influential Author/Book Picks:
Arnold Ehret
Herbert Shelton
The Essene Gospel of Peace series
Bordeaux Szekely
Hilton Hotema, RIP


What other authors or books have led you on your health journey?



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