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Vitamin D!!!!

We are truly tropical beings designed to thrive on healthful levels of sun exposure. Just like any nutrient we don’t need “too much” but rather need  “enough”. A high raw or 100% raw diet facilitates healthy skin and actually increases our capacity for taking sun and retaining a healthy tan. Although we can store adequate levels of vitamin D in our liver for the winter if we get enough exposure in the summer months, it is prudent to soak up any  you can on those sunny winter days.  In northern climates it is more difficult to get adequate exposure in the winter months due to less actual available sunlight as well as a greater distance and angle from the sun. The best time of day to get sun is when your shadow is at least as tall as you, as during mid day when you have no shadow the harmful uva rays are most concentrated. Like the leo I am I love to relax and meditate or read  in front of a window on a sunny day. If  its not too cold outside I enjoy going for a nice winter jog (check the video) exposing as much skin as possible. Its always a delight and great idea to go on a trip nearer to the equator or any place you can get outside in the sun is always a good idea to top off levels in the middle of winter. If you cannot get adequate exposure and are exhibiting symptoms of deficiency (always good to get yearly blood work done) do what you need to, there are great vegan vitamin D supplements available and there needn’t be any judgement on self or others for looking after your best interests.

I love going to the gym in the winter for a good workout. In this video I go though a cardio routine, get a little silly, and hit the weights for a bit. Interval training brings strength benefits to your cardio, actually increasing your human growth hormones and helping build more muscle. Simply stepping up the tempo with a sprint for 30 second to a minute or more a few times during your routine yields much benefit and can be good fun! Its always great to go with a partner and fuel each others intensity and enjoyment. A good laugh can be the best exersise ever 🙂

After my workout I Love to hit the sauna for a sweat and to relax. It feels great, and can be a good place to mediate. Have you checked out lions pose? its a powerful pose that relives stress and strengthens the skin and muscles of the face jaw and neck. You can perform this pose by sitting on your knees, breathing deeply in, then when exhaling lean forward, stick out your tongue letting out a “roar” while looking to your third eye and sticking your hands wide out front like a lion! Check the video, or google “lions pose” for a better description 🙂

I end this Video with a few simple recipes 🙂

Chocolate Monkey Pudding

13 bananas (or your desired amount)

with 1 table spoon raw Carob (the most healthful raw chocolate substitute)

Simply mashed together with a fork 🙂 enjoy!

Optional: add some chopped dates, or sub cinnamon for the carob and add a handful of raisins.

Date Celery Sticks 🙂

6 large stalk of organic celery

6- 8 medjule dates (or any other soft raw date)

Simply pit the dates, and press one to 1 and 1/2 dates into the grove of the celery 🙂

Works Great as a spoon for the pudding, goes well with any sweet meal, and is a hit with kids of all ages 🙂

hope you enjoy the video much, tis a lill off the hook 🙂


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