Enjoy UK’s First Fruit Festival via Banana Commander Vision!! This Festival took place June 25th – 29th at Duval Priory near Devon, England. So much to mention, Grant the Raw Aussie Athlete Campbell doing running classes and talks, Anne Osborn doing great talks, Dr Douglas Graham doing Talks Fitness classes and Food Demos, Rosalind Graham doing amazing Talks, Katy Craine Smashing it in the Kitchen, Wu Leading Chi Gong and I, the Banana Commander Doing some Talks, a Food Demo and Yoga Classes! Witness doggie style, dancing, rare views, Cappi BeatBoxing and much more!
Thanks to Ronnie Smith for Putting it together!!
Learn more for next year at http://www.fruitfest.co.uk/

For Grant Campbell http://RawAussieAthlete.com
For Douglas n Rosalind Graham http://foodnsport.com
For Anne Osborn http://FruitGod.com
For Louise Koch http://FruityLou.com

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