Why are Humans SO Confused about Food and Diet with @ElegantlyRawDoreet

Going deep into the rabbit hole with @elegantlyrawdoreet

exploring why we as humans are so confused about food and diet; trust me, you’re going to want to join us for this

Thanks, Doreet, for the love and presence you put into all you do; stay tuned for more info about the online California Fruitfest happening this summer

You can find and follow Doreet in the links below for more inspiration and to find all of her offerings!

Instagram @ElegantlyRawDoreet, YouTube: @elegantlyrawdoreet5840

And on her Website: theuncookingshow.com

Thanks again, Doreet, for joining me on this talk about why we are so confused about food and diet, for being a part of the bundle, and for all you do.

A bit about Doreet’s new Coconut book


Coconut Recipes has 20 recipes that will tantalize your senses and help you to:

Elevate your health to deeper levels of well-being and wellness

Give a wide variety of ways to use the much-underutilized coconut

Offer you new choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner & Show you how to be a star in your kitchen

I am sorry to say that the Ultimate Raw Vegan Bundle promo period is over for this year.

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