The Journey of Self Love and Acceptance

In this video with Sachi, aka​⁠ I interview her about her Journey of Self Love and Acceptance.

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Journey of Love and Self-Acceptance: An Excerpt

In this inspiring discussion, we explore the profound journey of love and self-acceptance, a path that is relevant to everyone. We’re excited to highlight Sachis’s new book, “Start from the Place of Love.” This book is a beautiful guide to beginning your self-love journey from a place of compassion and acceptance.

Sachi shares their personal struggles with self-doubt and self-hatred and how these challenges led to a profound transformation through the practice of unconditional love and acceptance. The conversation touches on the difficulties of internalizing self-love and the continuous nature of this journey.

Sachi’s experiences resonate deeply, emphasizing the importance of patience and compassion towards oneself. They discuss how adopting a raw vegan diet has played a significant role in her healing process but also acknowledge that emotional and mental health require attention beyond just dietary changes.

Throughout the talk, we explore the significance of community and support in fostering self-love and acceptance. Sachi’s insights offer valuable lessons for anyone seeking to cultivate a more loving and accepting relationship with themselves. This engaging and heartfelt discussion will inspire and encourage us all on our journeys towards self-acceptance and inner peace.

Join us as we delve into this meaningful topic and discover practical ways to nurture self-love in our everyday lives. Sachi’s journey is a testament to the power of compassion, resilience, and the ongoing pursuit of personal growth.

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Start from the place of LOVE by Sachiko Tazaki

Embrace self-acceptance and revitalization with Start from the place of LOVE!

Shift your perspective through self-discovery and practice acceptance and self-care.

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