Raw Vegan Made Easy Chris Kendall Interview

Enjoy this recent interview on the Veganowledge JJ YouTube channel!

We discuss my raw journey and go into debated topics, sharing my top tips and insights dubbed Raw Vegan Made Easy!

In this engaging chat with Jen Judd from Veganowledge JJ, we dive into some crucial and often debated topics to help live up to the title, Raw Vegan Made Easy.

Is the Raw Vegan Diet Nutrient-Deficient?
One common question we tackle is whether the raw vegan diet provides all the necessary nutrients. It’s essential to ensure you’re getting the right balance of nutrients and calories, sometimes by consulting a coach or nutritionist to guide you, especially if you’re starting out. There are ways to thrive on this diet, but avoiding the pitfalls that can make it challenging is important.

Can Raw Vegans Avoid Medication?
We also discuss the potential for raw vegans to avoid medication. Many people have found that a raw vegan diet can help reduce their need for certain medications, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s crucial to consult with your doctor to do this safely and to approach this holistically, considering the diet and other lifestyle factors like stress management, social connections, and emotional well-being.

Is Soil Depletion Leading to Declining Food Quality?
The quality of our food is another significant concern, particularly with soil depletion worldwide. This topic underscores the importance of sourcing the best possible ingredients to ensure the highest nutrient content in our diets.

Are Practices Like Dry Fasting, Urine Therapy, and Breatharianism Valid?
We also delve into more controversial practices such as dry fasting, urine therapy, and breatharianism. It’s essential to approach these practices critically, as some can be harmful or misleading.

Throughout our conversation, we emphasize that transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle is about the food you eat and your overall approach to health and well-being. Emotional and social aspects play a significant role, and focusing on a holistic lifestyle can make the transition smoother and more sustainable. It’s not just about avoiding pitfalls but also about finding joy and balance in this lifestyle.

I hope you find these discussions enlightening and that you check out the full interview. Together, we can debunk myths and spread awareness about the raw vegan lifestyle, making it accessible and enjoyable for more people to fulfill the Raw Vegan Made Easy goal.

Thanks a ton, Jen, for having me on and for all you share!

Be sure to check out other interviews from Jen on Veganowledge JJ’s YouTube channel as well as her IG @veganowledgejj

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