Lissa’s 30 Day Meal Plan, Volume I by Lissa’s Raw Food Romance

Eat just like Lissa!!

Enjoy 30 days of Raw Vegan meal ideas with shopping lists for each day, recipes, prep for next meals, tips and calorie/macro estimates for each day.

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This ebook is meant to be a companion book to Lissa’s “52 to a New You” book.

She is sharing with you her raw food romance.

In this e-book, Lissa has compiled 90 different meal ideas over 30 days ranging from super simple to more intricate. It really is a simple way of eating, snacking on fruit and enjoying an abundant variety. This is pretty much exactly how she eats day in, day out. Follow along or just find random recipes that interest you.

Really how you use this book is up to you!

Keep in mind this e-book is not meant to be laid out like a recipe book. It is a meal plan with step by step preparation so you might miss early prep if you skip ahead a few days. Lissa’s best suggestion is to read through the entire book first to become familiar with her eating style and apply it to your own life however way you want! You are more than welcome to use it as a recipe book, just remember that some prep will be mentioned beforehand at another meal. Lissa has included a table of content at the end of the book with the prep page numbers.

If you prefer to buy a print version, it is available on the linked page when you click above!

Enjoy and FRUIT ON!!

If you Want to Check out All of Lissa’s Books as well as Package Deals Click Here!

* NOTE * Lissa is not a purist, She does use a dehydrator, spices, garlic, nutritional yeast, cashews, coconut aminos a small amount of coconut nectar, etc. She just don’t cook any of her food. You can leave the above items out if they bother you, and she does offer replacement suggestions in the beginning of the book.

Just letting some of you know in case you were curious.

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