Welcome to the Rainbow Island Chakra Yoga Bonus Videos!

Enjoy each of the 7 chakra-specific yoga classes below.

It is your choice to do the each of corresponding yoga classes either;
a) Once per day, play straight through, before your largest meal
b) Before every meal, play straight through
c) Once per day, pause after each posture to repeat 3 times

Root Chakra Yoga

Sacral Chakra Yoga

Solar Chakra Yoga

Heart Chakra Yoga

Throat Chakra Yoga

Third Eye Chakra Yoga

Crown Chakra Yoga

We hope you find the yoga series both uplifting as well as invigorating. These poses can be quite stirring not only in perking up the digestive flame and toning the physical body but also in waking up the energy centers, or chakras, in an expansive way. If you experience any strong sensations or changes in your energy field we would strongly recommend seeking out a Kundalini Teacher to help guide you through this awakening.
To growing and flowing with change blossoming into our fullest potential.

Wishing you Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit n Fresh Squeezed Hugs

Chris Kendall & Naturally Ashley