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I have put the video below together with my best Frickin Rawsome Pizza Tips to help you make crusts like a pro and other helpful tips for crust/pizza storage and bulk buying!

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Frickin Rawsome Pizza Tips

Tip #1:

Use the best equipment!

Right off the bat, if you do not already have an Excalibur Dehydrator or a Vitamix Blender I highly recommend both. They come with amazing warranties as well as free shipping. At home or in a festival setting they are tested, tried, and true as the best raw food kitchen tools in the business!Vitamix

Tip #2:

Corn is best eaten within 0-7 days after being picked!


Tip #3:

Buy in season in bulk then bag & freeze!

A simple corn stripper like the one below can make a huge difference when buying in bulk, bagging, and freezing corn.

* I recommend Organic Corn in season, thus bulk buying and freezing.

Tip #4:

Play! Use more dry ingredients if needed to make the crust thicker!


Tip #5:

Make many at a time, they keep well airtight or frozen!


Tip #6:

Use a teflex/ Paraflexx sheet!

It is very helpful to have some teflex or paraflex sheets for your dehydrator to make the crust-creation process a lot easier. You can get some directly through this Excalibur link or check out the deals on Amazon in the links below 🙂


Tip #7:

Spread the crust evenly with a flat knife, 1/4 inch thick, right to the edges! *see video


Tip #8:

For speed drying carefully flip and remove the teflex before placing it in the dehydrator!

Use a knife if needed! *see video


Tip #9:

The optimal dehydration temperature for the crusts is 118° F or 58° C.

Some people recommend a lower temperature, but I have found no benefit to this and only longer dehydration time and more chance of mold.


Tip #10:

For speed drying set it at a higher temperature for the first 1/2 hour of drying and then turn it down for the rest.

The internal temperature of the food will not raise until the surface moisture of the food is dried, thus the 1/2 hour at a higher temperature speeds this process without detriment.

Tip #11:

Turn the trays around, front to back and back to front at the 1/2 way point!

If you are making many crusts at once then switch the order of the trays around too so that different crusts are in different spots of the dehydrator while drying!


Tip #12:

Wait to flip the crust over until the top is fully dry 🙂


Tip #13:

Always flip the dehydrator sheets toward your hand that is holding the tray to avoid the whole crust slipping out. *see video


Tip #14:

Have a fine but sturdy brush to help remove tough crusts from the mesh dehydrator sheets. *see video

A toothbrush, denture brush, or dishwashing brush would work fine. In general, if you need to use a brush you are rushing the crust, when dry enough they will usually come off without one.

Tip #15:

Adjust the crust/mesh away from the center of the dehydrator tray to more evenly dry the crust more. *see video


Tip #16:

If you are storing the crusts at room temp for more than 24 – 36 hours then it’s best to dry them a bit more until they are dried through the whole crust.

If you are using the crusts soon or freezing them, they can be fully dry on the outsides but a bit softer in the middle, this is my preference.


Tip #17:

Make multiple crusts at once, bag and freeze them for ready-made quick dinners!


Tip #18:

Be patient and most of all have fun creating!


Tip #19:

Fully made Pizzas freeze and re-dehydrate very well!

I had a few full pizzas left over when I was taking pictures for the book and left them in the freezer for over two months as a trial. When taken directly from the freezer and popped in the dehydrator for 1-2 hours they come out amazingly! It also works to take them straight from the freezer and then top them with the sauce and toppings. Perfect for quick meals or to prepare in advance for others!

I really hope you find these Frickin Rawsome Pizza Tips super helpful in your pizza mastery!

If you found yourself here and haven’t grabbed the Frickin Rawsome Pizza book yet…

Frickin Rawsome Pizza Tips

Enjoy 96 pages of Frickin Rawsome Pizza on 100% Recycled Paper with a Coil Binding,

or as an Ebook to start making Frickin Rawsome Pizzas today!

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