While at the First Annual UK Fruit Festival Dr Douglas Graham shows Grant Campbell and I the Strong Man Workout called Fingles Fingers!

Try at your own risk but know Fingle Never Gives up!!  It may look like a piece of cake, just flipping some logs around, but this was one SERIOUS workout.  I try my  hand at the lightest log and after 6 flips I feel like I could flip that log another 10 times (or pop a gasket if I tried even one more time…. one or the other hahaha)

Fingles Fingers is no Joke, a feat often performed at strong man competitions and used as a measure of strength for ages. I had a blast playing at this workout with Dr Graham and Grant, if you so choose to try this workout do so with care and someone around.
Woodstock Fruit Festival this Past August 2012 http://UKFruitFestival.co.uk
Check out Dr Doug Graham of http://FoodnSport.com
Check out Grant Cambell http://RawAussieAthlete.com

Wishing you much

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