KendallBites – Tattoo’s, Mangos and Kelp Noodles!

Just a quick little post and video I want to share with you today…a little preview into my Saturday 🙂

I went to try and get another tattoo…but… I didn’t quite make it in time – kinda bummed.  If you haven’t already check out my previous tattoo post.  

But I did get to go to the farmer’s market, do some skateboarding and nosh on some super yummy mango.  Peep it – I’ve got 5 – YES 5! – different varieties of mango – mmmmmmm!

I’m also thinking about making some tasty kelp noodle pad thai.  If you’ve never had kelp noodles they are super tasty.  They sit a little heavier than zucchini and I wouldn’t eat them every day but a great once in a while meal.

So I’m looking for some feedback…. how often do you want to see video post?  Once a week? Twice a week? In Depth videos or quick snippets like this?  Comment and let me know what tickles your fancy!!  🙂


As Always

Wishing You Much

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