Healthy Lifestyles and Vegan Tattoo’s?

Healthy Lifestyles and Vegan Tattoo’s? Is this even possible? Check out the video to learn all about my feelings around tattoo’s, healthy living and info on Vegan ink! 🙂

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Well well well Healthy Lifestyles and Tattoo’s, this is, for some, a controversial issue.

I have had people tell me you cant live a healthy lifestyle and have tattoo’s! To me a health lifestyle is not about Fitting the Mold of what others, a book or anyone thinks is “right” and “perfect” rather that its relative. If someone is living a SAD lifestyle just adding a few fruits and veggies is going to create a healthier lifestyle. If someone smokes but wants to go vegan I wouldn’t tell them, you cant be vegan and smoke… I feel its much better to focus on the positive changes we are willing to make, encouraging growth and compassion to others on their path. While I wouldn’t consider Tattoo’s to contribute to overall physical health I feel secure in my choice as it brings me much in other ways. To me judgement is more detrimental to the physical, mental, and spiritual body than a tattoo could ever be.  In the end we all have our preferences, in effect choosing our battles or not, stressors or not. Moving in the direction of health, making the allowances that bring the most joy, peace and love in your life to me makes for the most blissful journey.

Wheh that was almost a rant!

Back to Tattoo Safety, It is of great importance to make sure you goto a professional that has experience with the proper depth of the tattoo, uses clean, new and or disinfected needles. I would encourage anyone wanting to get a tattoo to think about it for a while rather than being impulsive. Removing tattoo’s has more dangers and negative side effects than getting a tattoo. I have 11 tattoo’s right now 9 of them done by Pat Burke of Rights of Passage Tattoo’s, you get to meet him and see his shop in the video, a Great shop here in Saskatoon at Rights Of Passage, 634 10 Avenue North.

Can you get a vegan Tattoo?

Great question, for a Long time I had no idea that most tattoo Inks were not Vegan or Vegetarian. There is actually wide range of animal products in a common tattoo shop! From the Bone that is present in many Ink’s, especially the Black and Dark inks (most light color inks are vegan, though not Non-toxic), to the glycerine in many aftercare products and more. After doing some research I found that there is a many options out there for vegan tattoo’s and aftercare products, even entirely vegan tattoo parlours as One I visited in New York called White Rabbit.

Pat Burke of Rights Of Passage let me know he uses, on request, Japanese “Kuro Sumi” ink that is of the highest quality, made entirely of all Natural Non Toxic Plant based ingredients, DO Watch out for Fakes that are not made from Natural Ingredients.

The choice was easy, If I was getting a “vegan” tattoo I was of course getting it with Vegan ink! 🙂

Screen shot 2012 07 31 at 6.04.21 PM

There is some concern with tattoo’s blocking the energetic flow of the body due to scarring, again important to goto a experienced artist. I had all of my tattoo’s tested out by a experienced PT who specializes in Muscle testing, allergies and energetics. To her surprise after thourally testing me she found that none of my tattoo’s were causing any blockages or interruptions in my energetic flow. Interestingly and to my surprise she mentioned the head of my Monkey (a rib cage tattoo) had a slight amount of scarring as did my circumcision scar (my other monkey ahah). She recommended I Rub In a High Quality Raw oil such as Coconut / Flax / Hemp on those area’s to help the skin and scar tissue heal.

Was probably the funniest Test result I had gotten, hey Ladies … the Doctor said… aahha 🙂

Oh My, a little Rated Raaawwwrrr! ahah

As you can tell this post to me is more about coming into peace with your choices and allowing others to make their own and have their opinions.

These companies have confirmed that their inks are vegan and the glycerin used is plant based (colophony).

 Kuro Sumi, SkinCandy / Bloodline, Eternal Ink, Silverback Ink, Waverly Color Co.     [Dark Black is also vegan] Alla Prima Ink, Stable Starbrite Fusion Tattoo Ink, Classic Color Systems, Good ColorIntenze Tattoo Ink, Feldman INK

 I Max Tattoo Inks are veganI Max brands includes: Makkuro Sumi Blacks, Makkuro Sumi Colors, Azayaka Live Tattoo Colors, Universal Blacks, Cobra Inks, Flashing Colors, Glam Colors, Pure Colors.

 Another brand that is much used is MOMS Nuclear / Millennium inks, these are NOT vegan, contain animal derived glycerin (asked the company through email).Some tattoo artists mix their own inks, always ask if the glycerin they use is plant based! And watch out for India Ink in black inks as it consists of burned animal bones. If you know more about these inks or any other inks that are vegan please message me.

 Tattoo Aftercare (Balms, ointments, lotions)Most tattoo shops will provide you with “Green Soap” (contains plant-based (vegan!) glycerin) or A&D ointment (contains lanolin) which is not vegan, so watch out for that. A good alternative to A&D ointment is Lush’s Ultra Balm (do not use Bacitracin Zinc ointment -read last comment). And if you don’t want Green Soap Dr. Bronners Lavender Soap is a good 2nd option. When at home just use a vegan friendly anti-bacterial soap and you should be fine and when you’re done washing use a fragrance free lotion on it. Check tattoo balms for lanolin.

My preference for after care is raw coconut oil 🙂

Thanks Pat for allowing me to film and for all the awesome work you’ve done!!

Hope you enjoyed the video n this silly write up 🙂


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