TRA Banana Patch


The Raw Advantage Banana Patch!!!

Smack em on your gym bag, your gym socks, your gym shorts, your swimming shorts, your jacket, your purse, your backpack and anywhere else you can!! At 5$ with any other product it makes sense to get a bunch and put em everywhere!

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header StickersWho Doesn’t Love love love Patches?

Only silly people ahah!!

Seing so many blank bags, purses, shirts, hats has this led me to the realization that I needed to make the best Patches Ever!!!!

So Stoked to unveil My first iron on The Raw Advantage Banana Patch!!!

The Raw Advantage PatchOhh The Raw Advantage Patch

Grab one with any other purchase for 5 bucks

Or by it self for 5$ plus Shipping to your Locale. 

Each patch is 3 inches

This Patch is a High Quality Iron on, woven 3 ” The Raw Advantage Banana Logo.

Grab a Patch for you bag, your shirt, your sweater, your hat, your purse, your underwear, your jeans, your sombrero, your shoes, your face, your neighbor, your cat!….

ok not your cat ahaha everywhere else though!! 🙂

Love it!!

Wishing you much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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