The Greatest Present

Being in the moment, hmm..

oh no what am I going to do about dinner, oh I got to do this later, I hope I didn’t forget anything, oh what if I messed this up…

hmmm sound familiar?

I know I recognize that thinking, it seems we are almost encouraged or funnelled into thinking outside of the current moment, filled with worries, responsibilities, real and imagined obligations and concerns. The funny thing is when we find ourself in the moment we can handle nearly anything, the worry was for naught. I truly think that the thought or worry of future events is more a obstacle than the actually realities we are dealing with. We build walls, worries, fears, excuses why we cant do things and charge them with emotion. When we get near to our “obligation” “expectation” or “situation”  we are hesitant to, we feel this charge we put on it and get nervous. Everything is easier without expectation, just flowing and letting the moment take you were it will. Its funny our happiness often is based on outcomes we cant control.

We can get a idea of how it “should” be in our head and find ourselves worked up when it doesn’t go how we thought.

I love Murphy’s law, “anything that can go wrong usually will”, haha, at least what we perceive as wrong ahha. I find it helps a lot finding life’s turns and challenges funny and unsurprising, that way we are apt to learn so much more from every situation as all is for our potential benefit. After all its not the circumstances that determine our happiness but how we react to them. Stress about the future, or focus on what we want, not what we get in this world only contributes to cultivating negativity, sadness, and hinders personal growth and lasting happiness. The wisest of the wise always are happy, as they find and focus on the flowers in the thorns, or are mindful at all times of the blessing they have received even in the side steps.

How would life really be without the hardships, lessons and perceived difficulties?

Do you really think you would be thankful of the ease and bliss that can become you in the other moments?

What if you saw them all as blessings and opportunities to grow, a constant reminder maybe?

The other day on a raw health seminar I heard this quote by Gandhi “Happiness is when what you think, what you do, and what you say, are in harmony.” How true this rings for me, especially in relation to my raw journey. In my early years I had discord with each in time, a separation of desire, need, and wants you could say. I knew intellectually what I believed, but it took time for my body, and then emotional and spiritual self to catch up, I am sure I still am. When the going got tough I found old patterns come up, mentally stressing myself by focusing on what I then thought “I couldn’t have”. Physically stressing myself with a inadequate way of doing the raw diet, then when I slipped chastising myself to the point of depression. Looking back it seems staying raw was more important to me than my happiness which can be especially hard when you aren’t loaded with the right information nor experience. While we can learn much from books, experience of self and others first hand experience can mean the difference between ease and hardship.

I find most people on the path to living raw wish to cultivate wider compassion, greater love of self, others, and better health of mind and body and spirit. It is poignant to always remeber to point that compassion, understanding, and patience at ourselves first. I feel comfort in knowing that I can have anything I want at any time, but prefer and indeed know I deserve the best every time. No longer would I wish to put stress on myself by focusing on that which doesn’t serve me, but instead focus on the bounty of love I have around me. While It took time, I now feel completely at easy with my thoughts, actions, and words. Im most defiantly not perfect, nor claim monkish clarity, but am very happy with where and who I am. Appreciate where you are now, take the time to see the lesson in the difficult times. It took us all time to get where we are n it will take time to get where we wish to go. It is more about direction than speed, move at the pace that suits your highest needs. Don’t loose sight of the present, as life’s mysteries and lessons are enriched in every moment. The eternal now is the only reality, the more we cultivate happiness love and compassion in our own mind in the present, the better chance we have of being bliss as we float down the river of life.

I hope your wearing a smile 🙂

As always enjoy Much

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As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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