Raw Food, Coping Mechanisms & Angry Vegans

I feel so blessed to share this video I did while in New York in 2016 with my good friend Raini Ostler Pachak of Symbiotic Solutions

The video touches on emotional eating / raw food coping mechanisms and the realities around why some vegans turn into angry vegans!

I hope it helps you to reach the highest heights in your personal healthy lifestyle and in sharing the message of health and veganism!

Below is a cleaned-up approximate transcript from this video.

At the time of this video, I’m thirty-six years old, and I’ve been into veganism for 13 years and raw veganism for 12. When I first delved into veganism, I was already transitioning from a standard American lifestyle to a vegetarian, whole foods-based one. I noticed significant changes in my health and mental aptitude. I felt better than ever before. I had previously battled depression, and when I fully embraced veganism, it felt like the logical next step.

I began exploring yoga and then yogic philosophy around karma, and a vegetarian diet and came to realize the cruelty in all forms of animal agriculture. I also understood the health benefits and how they could enhance my athletic performance. At the time, I was a competitive amateur skateboarder, and I wanted to optimize my recovery time, resilience to injury, and chances of success of becoming a professional. The more I read the more I was pointed towards raw foods, it wasn’t long until the idea of being a raw vegan resonated with me on every level. It made sense when I observed nature and how animals and every living being eats, i.e. their species-specific diet made up of raw whole foods. I realized that consuming whole, fresh, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables, the foods we can easily grasp, see the colors, and taste their natural flavors, was the best choice.

Every other animal follows this natural diet, and it made sense for us too. We suffer from numerous diseases that they don’t. Raw veganism aligns with our physiological and nutritional needs, making it a no-brainer. Many people embrace veganism due to concerns about animal rights and environmental issues and become angry vegans, I think their anger is justified. However, while anger can be effective in raising awareness, it’s not always the healthiest approach. I believe everything is perfect in its place and that everything has a time and place but knowing that 1. There will always be angry vegans and 2. there will always be people who are turned towards veganism by angry vegans and those who are not I see real value in learning to reach those who may be turned off by angry activism, by leading with love, compassion, understanding, and vulnerability. Compassion and love can often be more effective in helping people recognize the impact of their choices rather than anger and have extra health benefits to go with it.

I believe that every person deserves love and compassion, and by approaching them with kindness, we can facilitate understanding and change. I’ve chosen to come as often as is possible from a place of compassion and understanding rather than anger and aggression, as this aligns better with my personal growth and well-being and also imho connects with even more people. Remember to be kind to yourself, recognize your divine spirit, and embrace love and compassion. You are here to create, enjoy, and experience life fully. Treating yourself and others gently with acceptance has untold benefits.

I encourage you to embrace every experience without resistance or guilt. Emotional eating is a common issue, and fulfilling emotional needs is one of the top reasons people struggle with a raw food diet. We are conditioned as emotional eaters from an early age, and many of us use external sources like food, alcohol, or other substances to numb our emotions. A raw food diet, with its high-vibrational and easily digestible foods, intensifies our emotional experiences. Without the crutch of heavy, numbing foods, people can feel overwhelmed.

It’s crucial to develop coping mechanisms outside of food and emotional awareness when transitioning to a raw food diet. Food often serves as a coping mechanism, akin to a drug. Recognizing this can help us shift to healthier coping strategies like exercise, deep breathing, meditation, and self-reflection. Instead of turning to food when intense emotions arise, dedicating 5 to 15 minutes to a new coping mechanism can lead to different, more positive outcomes, allowing us to connect with ourselves and experience life in a new way. At the end of the day veganism is about compassion, for the animals, the planet, others and ourselves.

I hope this simple video helps you become more conscious about your mental and emotional state to help you grow with and through being one of many angry vegans to move into a place of love and compassion for all.

angry vegans

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Raini interviews chris kendall

This video was recorded right after the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York State, quite simply the biggest and best Raw Food Event of the year in North America! If you’re looking to learn a ton more about how to succeed on a healthy raw food lifestyle, increase your fitness levels, and meet hundreds of like-minded health / spiritually conscious individuals, this is the event for you!

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