20 Year Raw Vegan: Banana Eating Secrets for Insulin Function with Zuzana @zuzusrawjourney

Join Zuzana and me as we discuss my experience as a 20-year raw vegan,

uncover banana and fruit-eating secrets for insulin function, connecting with nonvegans, our favorite yoga, and so much more!

Thanks so much, Zuzana, for having me on your IG, it’s always a pleasure, and I am confident our conversation and tips and secrets for insulin function and improving insulin sensitivity will help many!

Check out this past video with Zuzana, where we went into strategies on how to overcome the most difficult moments on the raw lifesytle!

How to Overcome Our most difficult Moments on the Raw Lifestyle.JPG

Thanks again, Zuzana, for joining me and the bundle and for all you do.

Be sure to follow her on IG @zuzusrawjourney and YT @ZuzusRawJourney for more inspiration and to check out all she has to offer!

A bit about Zuzana’s awesome new ebook!


Enjoy Green Smoothies for Everyone by Zuzana van der werf Kulichova, Ph.D.

Sip your way to vitality with Green Smoothies for Everyone!

Master the art of crafting nutrient-packed green smoothies with expert tips and 20 delicious recipes.

I am sorry to say that the Ultimate Raw Vegan Bundle promo period is over for this year.

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As Always

Wishing You Much

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