Todays video is one I am really excited to share as it can help bring ease and confidence to what many feel is a trying and at times embarrassing situation.

If I could count the times in dollars I have had people tell me “It must be so hard to go out to eat on a raw food diet” or “But then what do you do at restaurants” I could buys a extra case of bananas a month at least wow!! ahah πŸ™‚

Showing you how simple it can be to go out to restaurants on a raw food diet, as simple as you make it really πŸ™‚

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Enjoy the Vid!!

While driving back home from B.C with my parents we stop at a Local Produce Stand πŸ™‚
A box of Cherries, and the box of Organic Banana I got on the Island set me up for the road home and the first few days in Saskatoon. Traveling with ease with my fresh produce, other times I simply bring dates and celery, or raisins and apples πŸ™‚

While passing through Loydminister Saskatchewan we decided to stop at Original Joe’s, a pub style/sports bar restaurant for lunch. I was really desiring a bunch of the ripe banana’s and cantaloupe I had in the car but also wanted to enjoy eating with my parents, so I figured why not make a video of it, showing how easy it is to eat out on a raw diet.

After sitting down I asked to talk to the manager, to see if it was ok to film within her restaurant for the purpose of this blog. I also then asked if it would be possible to eat my fruit as “Im on a raw/special diet, making a video about eating out at Restaurants while raw” even asking to have my banana’s blended into a smoothie for me. She said it wouldn’t be a problem at all, only that I would have to ask the waitress if she wanted to be filmed or not, she didn’t so I obliged.

I would like to note that in the last 7 1/2 years I have only had one waitress tell me I couldn’t eat the fruit I brought into the restaurant, only one! Even so she came back a minute later extremely sorry, apologizing profusely after her manager had reprimanded her telling her to let me know of course I could eat my fruit. Its really important to realize that people in service are there to “serve” you. Their main objective is for you to have a good time and to want to come back. I only go to restaurants with other people or groups who are ordering the food off the menu, most of the time I also order a simple salad. It can be as simple as asking for a big bowl of lettuce, mounds of tomatoes and cucumber, or a custom salad where I hand pick the ingredients from the menu.

My parents ordered their food, which they loved and I was given a knife a spoon and a plate to eat my cantaloupe starter, which I loved. My starter was followed by a beer jug full of banana smoothie, a perfect meal! I really enjoyed having exactly what I wanted while my parents did also, there was no fuss no embarrassment and in fact I am more than sure the waitress and mangers eyes were opened, planting the seeds of curiosity into my flow. Love it all with fun, confidence and the knowledge that unless you ask you never know.

I used to be embarrassed when I went out to restaurants, feeling everyone was looking at me figuring I was such a hassle, this really dictated the whole experience unconsciously creating what I feared. I have come to realize its all up to me to create my experience, being confident, knowing that the waitress/waiter wants it to be easy for everyone. In general people like to help where they can, I often use the magic words “Can you please help me…….” Given that opportunity those in service will most often do all they can if your kind confident and explain why. Sometimes simply saying, “I am on a special Diet” or pulling out the big guns and saying “My Dr. Say’s” or even “I am allergic” can get anything accomplished if necessary.

Asking for what you need in any situation is a real gift you can give yourself in every moment. Its not uncommon for people to brush or undervalue thier own needs for fear of inconveniencing, troubling, or embarrassing themselves or others. I really feel it is a most useful practice, being open and honest with yourself and others, asking for what you really want in a clear and kind way without attachment to the outcome. That’s the clincher, attachment. If you can let go of that, no matter the outcome its all good, its only one meal, one moment in time. You never know what you may get unless you ask for what you need.
I tell ya a sure way to disappointment is to set yourself up for it πŸ™‚

Of course I could have made it even easier on myself and Original Joe’s, I could have simply asked for a romaine and cucumber / celery salad and simply ate that after eating my banana’s in the car, or even simply ask if I could eat them to start my meal inside of the restaurant. In my experience this is always received well, especially using those magic words before mentioned. Have fun with it, challenge your waitress or chef to make the biggest salad ever, confidence and levity goes a long way. I have had some of the best salads in my life out at restaurants, simple raw and low fat simply asking for exactly what I wanted based off of items in 6 different dishes I saw on the menu. Huge salads I could barely eat that cost less than anyone else’s order!
Let others around you know that being raw socially it isn’t a big deal to you by your attitude in going out, ordering and eating.

In the end its “Just Food”.Β  Β It’s one moment in time, one meal, let your focus be on what is really important, the time and spaced shared with your friends, your loved ones, your family. Focusing on the other people there with you, asking questions, sharing stories, love, good energy and times in that perfect moment. All of our creation fully and totally, Our experience is dictated by our perception and choice as to what to focus on. Our confidence and ability to verbalize our needs clearly to others goes a long way.

Always Know you Deserve the best every time, ask for what you need to shine, to thrive and let go of the outcome.

Going out can be fun, eat what you want before, ask for what you want inside and enjoy it all!!!

Thanks much Original Joe’s for helping make that particular meal a Sweet one πŸ™‚

Wishing u much
PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck