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Raw Vegan on a Cruise?

Eating as a Raw Vegan on a Cruise?

Can it be done?

Eating raw on a Disney Cruise?

Wonder how to survive traveling as a raw vegan?

Well, I enjoy the heck out of it, Hope you enjoy this video!!!

oh oh my, also bonus Bio-electric Impedance test, which is a body composition test to figure out if I am healthy; hmm ahhah

So Raw Vegan on a cruise eh, well raw on a Disney Cruise to be more exact!!!

I love traveling as a raw vegan!

Planned for over a year and a half, my family (13 of us!) went on a trip to Disney World in Florida. Check out“Raw Vegan in Disney World” for that fun, and then we went on a 5-night cruise on Disney’s Dream cruise ship that I am showcasing here. Disney’s Dream is their newest cruise ship, its maiden voyage in January of 2011. We got on only weeks after its first trip!! Filled with anticipation, especially for the youngans, we boarded this miraculous vessel.

My first eating experience was amazing, with buffet-style salad bars and bowls of fruit I enjoyed as many fruit bowls as I wanted and then filled up on salad. Perfect!!! On our first night at the restaurant (breakfast and lunch can be eaten anywhere with a few buffets available; dinner was mandatory at a restaurant with a menu), I ordered from the menu, which is my usual style, picking the 2 – 5 ingredients I saw in some dishes and asking for a large plate of those, plane. The head of the dinner service wished to come to talk to me, after discussing my dietary needs she decided that they would appoint one chef as my chef for every dinner meal, Chef Matthew would in effect be my personal raw chef!!! Whoooo whooooo. It turned out his sister was a raw foodist, so he knew a few tricks and was stoked for the challenge!

After Chef Matthew came and talked with me regarding the items I enjoy the most and what I typically eat, he took it upon himself to create a different 3-course meal for me, entirely raw and simple each night. Enjoy the video to see his creations, lest it is known they were amazing, a few higher fat than I would usually eat, but all the same, a huge, huge blessing, one I am most grateful for. Thanks so much, Chef Matthew. You made traveling as a raw vegan, being a raw vegan on a cruise a blissful experience. I felt truly spoiled and challenged to finish each meal. He made me huge, huge portions of each dish!!

I love traveling as a raw vegan!

With Live action plays every night, geared to both kids and adults, two full-size theaters playing brand new movies, two pools, two giant watersides, many buffets including a fresh fruit bar, spa’s hot tubs, an epic gym, it would have been hard not to enjoy and be in bliss. We landed for one day in Nassau, an awesome island in the Caribbean. While there I skateboarded around and found the local farmers market. There I found some amazing sugar bananas, so small and sweet and local, and some Sapodilla, a really sweet round fruit that tastes like brown sugar and pear mixed, ridiculous!!! Since one can’t bring island fruit onto the cruise???? I had to eat all I bought before returning abroad, which was not a problem for the Banana Commander!!!! Delicious, sweet meal enjoyed much!

Another night on the cruise ship, we landed at Disney Island, an island owned completely by Disney for cruises. Beautiful beaches, snorkeling (to enjoy some underwater filming while snorkeling in Maui, check out Maui Wowie part 2!), and a huge sliced fruit cart—well, I was in bliss. Oh, did I mention yoga on the beach? Hot dang!!!

I love traveling as a raw vegan!!!!

One last night after a most epic meal by Chef Matthew he gave us a certificate memorializing our time together as he said cheffing for me was a Magical moment, it certainly was for me too!!! Thanks again Chef Matthew you made my time as a raw vegan on the cruise a joy!!! As a special thank you, I gave Matthew a copy of my “101 frickin Rawsome Recipes” as well as my “10 Sure Shot Ways to Drastically Improve your Health”.

Thanks so much, Mom and Dad, it was such an amazing time, I love and miss you all.

Hope you all enjoyed it and that it inspires you to eat Raw Vegan on a Cruise!

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Disney is so not my thing, but I was very impressed with the efforts made for the way you eat. I can remember being stuck for food way back in the ’70’s with nothing around but fast food joints. So I ordered the salad burger without the burger and a coke (I was a young unknowledgable vegetarian at the time.)
    They were baffled but helpful and refused to charge me because they just didn’t see it as a meal without meat.
    I have had the same happen now with raw, people bend over backwards to help. Often under charging.
    But I can see how the way you were treated on our cruise must have just made your holiday.
    Nice editing by the way, informative and concise, thanks.

  2. I can’t believe all the good food they gave you! That’s awesome and inspiring! Pineapple “burns” my mouth sometimes too. I’m glad you said that. Now I know I’m not the only one. LOL! 🙂

  3. Hey Chris!
    I have a question for you.
    So my fruity husband and I will soon be going to my gigantor-family reunion. I have like 30 cousins, no joke. We are carpooling with my family to the event on Lake Tahoe. I am wondering how much food we should bring. There will be limited space, and I don’t really want to make too big a fuss with our big box of fruit. How much fruit do you bring with you when you travel with your family? Do you mostly rely on what will be at the grocery stores wherever you are going, or do you stock up at the fruit distributor and take a few boxes of your favs?
    Would appreciate any tips!
    Thanks so much! I love your blog! It has such a nice, happy vibe.

    1. Enjoy the reunion n traveling!! What I really find works best is to bring a banana box full of your favorite fruit and celery, I often make sure I have 20 – 40 lbs of ripe banana’s ready to smash, of course depends on how many days. Usually I like to have 8 – 10 lbs brought per day, if its banana’s i then usually have some extra to share unless im really active 🙂 ahah 🙂
      Otherwise I will bring some and then just pick up whatever I can get at the grocers. I find I can really enjoy a meal of anything, its all what you focus on.
      Hope this helps a bit, holler back if you are perked with any other thoughts:)
      peacelovenseasonalfruit ck

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