I just wrapped up my latest Raw Food n Yoga Retreat and today I want to share this soothing smoothie recipe with you!  Brian Calvi of The Farm of Life shows how to clean aloe vera, shares its many benefits and makes a smoothie recipe that’s delicious and soothing for the digestive tract!

This smoothie does wonders for gut problems.  Papaya is excellent for helping eliminate constipation while the aloe helps with all kinds of gut issues like crohns, diverticulitis, stomach ulcers etc

If you’re someone that doesn’t care for the taste of aloe – many people find it to be too bitter – Brian demonstrates a great way to decrease the bitterness!

NOTE – Not all Aloe Vera varieties are considered edible, the main edible one being var Chinensis.  Also, make sure you wash off the latex and do your research before making this smoothie as occasionally people can have an allergic reaction to the aloe.

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