TRA Hawaiian Adventure #6 Cast off n Puna Frickin’ Fruitluck!

My final days in Hawaii 🙁 Sad….

I took my cast off and resized my splint so I can wear that at night.  It’s great to get some range of motion back in my wrist.  Massaged it a bit to get the stagnant fluids out and get things moving again.

I stopped at the SPACE market again and got some delicious juice from Mohani.  You should stop by and see her if you are in the area 🙂

Spent some time at the Puna Big Island Frickin’ Fruitluck.  It was a great success – had 30 or 40 people sharing some awesome fruit and great conversation.

My time in Hawaii has come to an end for now….on the the next adventure 🙂

Stay tuned!……

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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