My personal favourite melon of all time…

Learn more about this amazing melon and why this tasty treat is called the Christmas Melon / Santa Claus Melon!

I really hope you enjoy the video, the Piel de Sapo (meaning Skin of the Frog in Spanish) aka Santa Claus melon aka Christmas melon has a rich history and one that goes back to the middle ages!! One of the most flavourful caloric dense melons out there a medium sized one, the size of a football, can be a pretty satiating meal. If you see one of these beauties (available mid to late summer… in each hemisphere) look for a bright Yellow rind, under the green that is, slightly soft at the stem / opposite end, and a slight sweet aroma. Best served when it has sat at room temperature for 8+ hours for a juicier softer texture!!
I hope you love them as much as I do!
For much more check out the video 🙂
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