Some people fear sugar from fruit, wondering how much fruit is too much sugar, is this a valid concern or and unfounded one?

In this video I tackle this misunderstood subject, original video comes from an excerpt of a segment I did in a

recent edition of Skateboard Canada Here!

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Some helpful resources:

A great video by Dr Greger that goes over and has links to the Global Burden of Disease study that I sited that marks the number one global dietary risk factor for disease to be from not eating enough fruit.

Another video by Dr Greger digging into the studies on sugar and measuring processed sugars against fruit to see if they are the same.

Be sure to check out Mastering Diabetes for the best info out there on reversing diabetes and specifically how a high carb low fat diet, ideally with unlimited fruit intake, supports optimal insulin function and blood sugar control.

For the best book on raw food nutrition and the application of a healthy holistic raw food lifestyle I highly encourage you to check out

“The 80/10/10 Diet” by Dr Douglas Graham 

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Hope you enjoyed this post going into how much fruit is too much sugar and that it helps you let go of any fear about fruit sugar and enjoy much more whole fruits and veggies in your healthy lifestyle!

Wishing you Much 

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