Stoked to share this interview my good friend Jesse Bogdanovich did with me about building muscle on the raw vegan lifestyle while we were at the 2019 UK FF.

We go into how you can build muscle on the raw vegan lifestyle, calories, what to eat, protein, my personal best workout tips and tricks as well as my #1 calisthenics book recommendation. We also discuss what people are missing, my longterm experience with raw vegan food, lifestyle tips, and so much more!

Hope you enjoy this jam packed interview.

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Also check out this interview I did with Jesse at the same time on the hot topic of how much fat is ideal and go into the line of thought;

if low fat is great, is no overt fat (nuts and seeds) even better?

Low fat raw vs no fat raw with jesse bogdanovich

 Check out my recent interview with Jesse uncovering the

“Secrets and powerful healing available via The Whole Lifestyle” 

Secrets of the Whole Lifestyle

Blessed to share Jesse personal story with a severe vaccine injury and how raw food saved his life!

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Jesse has a powerful story of healing and distills over 22 years of living as a raw vegan, coaching thousands of clients in his brand new book

“Best Tips & Recipes to Go n Stay Raw”!


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Do take Jesse up on his offer to connect and grow together with his experience and giant heart!

Also be sure to 

check out the “80/10/10 Diet” by Dr Douglas Graham,

the 80 10 10 diet by dr douglas graham

IMHO the best book on the raw vegan diet out there by far!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and video going into low fat raw vs no fat raw and have come to a clearer understanding of what a balanced low fat raw diet looks like.

As Always

Wishing You Much

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